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Jingle Very Safely All the Way: 20 Road Safety Tips for Winter [Infographic]

To help keep you and your loved ones safe on the road this holiday season, InsuranceHotline.com has unwrapped 20 winter road safety tips. Read more »

Top 10 Most Frequently Stolen Cars in Canada (in 2014)

Top 10 Frequently Stolen Cars in Canada Did your car get listed on the IBC’s annual most stolen vehicle list? Chances are it did if you drive a Ford pick-up truck as it took seven of 10 spots. Read more »

Travelling With Presents? Make Sure You & Your Gifts Are Protected

If you're like the many Canadians who travel during the holiday season, you'll want to make sure you and your gifts are protected. Read more »

The Safest Cars: Which Are Cheapest To Insure?

Some vehicles are safer than others. See which cars are considered the best of the best and get a feel for which cost less to insure. Read more »

Car Insurance Premiums Give You A Fright? 13 Tips To Lower Your Bill

Take a bite out of your insurance premiums with these 13 tips to help you lower your car insurance bill. Read more »

Halloween Tricks, Pranks and Accidents: Are You Covered?

Thankfully, Halloween is usually more about the treat, but Halloween hijinks, tricks and even accidents can happen. How will your car insurance or home insurance protect you? Read more »

What happens when a G1 driver is involved in an accident?

Fender BenderFind out what happens when a G1 driver is involved in an accident. Read more »

The weather’s been so terrible—floods, ice storms. What’s going to happen to my home insurance?

Floods, ice storms and big time claims. What's going to happen to your home insurance? Read more »

If I forget the keys in my front door, and someone breaks in and steals stuff from my house, will my home insurance cover me?

Will your home insurance cover you if you leave the keys to your home in the door? Find out what our in-house experts says. Read more »

How To Protect Yourself When Buying A Home From A Developer Before It’s Built

Buying a home before it’s built isn’t without its risks. Learn how you can minimize your home-building and home owning headaches so you can enjoy your new dream abode. Read more »

OPP Kicks Off Fall Seat Belt Campaign. Are You Buckled Up?

Buckle up. Starting September 24 and going until October 10, 2014, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) will be cracking down on drivers, and passengers, who are not properly secured in the vehicle. As the U.S.-based National Highway Traffic Safety Administration puts it, “Click it Or Ticket.” Read more »

Home Inspections For Condos

What’s the difference between a home inspection and a condo inspection? We give you the low down on what to expect. Read more »

How To Find A Good Home Inspector

Home inspection is an unregulated industry in Canada, but thankfully there are a number of resources and organizations out there to help homeowners find qualified home inspectors. Read more »

Collapsed Houses: Will Home Insurance Cover It?

Construction mishaps, severe winter weather, and other incidents can all cause a house to collapse. Make sure you are protected! Find out How. Read more »

Renting A Cottage This Fall? Renting Out Your Own? Here’s what You Need to Know

Before renting a cottage, make sure you're protected. Tips to make sure both the owner and renter get the best out of a cottage rental. Read more »

Winter Driving Safety Tips [Updated]

Multiple vehicles having difficulty driving on icy roads during winter snow stormWhoa, what happened to fall? A snowstorm hit Calgary this week causing traffic chaos and numerous accidents. Stay safe on the winter roads by following a few simple tips ... Read more »

Driver’s Training: Is It Really Necessary? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Should driver's training be mandatory for all new drivers, like it is in Quebec? Read and see what Canadians think about it. Read more »

How does insurance work and where do my premiums go?

See where your insurance premium dollars go. Read more »

School Zone Safety: Keeping An Eye Out For The Kids

School zones are busy spots; there’s a lot going on and there’s a lot to look out for as a driver. Read more »

The Value Of Bundling Your Insurance…About $140

Bundle your insurance to save. Multi-line discounts can save you 5 to 15%, yet most don't bundle their auto and home insurance? Read more »

Five Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Driver’s Training

Five tips to the get the most out of driver's training and picking the right driver's school. Read more »

How much does a driver’s training course actually save on car insurance?

See how much taking a driver's training course can actually save a new young driver on car insurance. Read more »

Auto Insurance Fraud: Was That Auto Accident Really An Accident?

A Rear-End Accident Involving Two CarsWould you know what a staged auto accident looks like? Learn what to look for to reduce the risk of becoming a victim... Read more »

Avoid These 8 Road Trip Mistakes This Long Weekend

Road trips can be incredibly fun, but one mistake can quickly ruin the trip. Here are 8 common road trip mistakes and how to prevent them. Read more »

Does Loyalty Pay, Or Is It Better To Shop Around?

Only by shopping around and comparing quotes will you know when you’ve got a great car insurance rate. Read more »

Don’t Worry, You’re Not Alone: 61 Per Cent Of Drivers Have Received A Traffic Ticket

All about tickets and your car Insurance; which tickets will affect your insurance and which won't. Read more »

Hot Under The Collar Because Of Your Car Insurance Premiums? Tips To Help You Save

Enjoy some cool summer savings on your car insurance with these hot tips. Read more »

A Look At Insurance Through The Ages [INFOGRAPHIC]

Attention history buffs and trivia masters! Find out what Benjamin Franklin and Sir John A. MacDonald have in common. Check out the Evolution of Insurance. You might be surprised on how far it dates back to! Read more »

Do I Need To Tell My Insurance Providers That I’m Going Away on Vacation?

Going on vacation? Your home and auto insurer may be in need of a call. Read more »

If I lend my car to a friend and they cause an accident, will my premiums go up even though it wasn’t my fault?

Lending your car to friends or family? Find out what happens if they're in an accident or get a ticket and how it affects YOUR insurance. Read more »