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21st Century Insurance Profile

21st Century Insurance is a U.S. insurance company writing direct auto insurance policies in every state and the District of Columbia. As a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance, 21st Century is part of one of the biggest insurance groups in the United States and one of the best-known insurance companies in the nation.

About 21st Century

21st Century insurance has been around since 1958, when it was founded in California. The company expanded into other states over the years, eventually serving customers across the nation, and was acquired first by AIG in 2005 and then by Farmers in 2009.

While Farmers sells through captive agents, 21st Century is a direct-buy insurance company offering a more affordable insurance option. They are a major competitor for direct-buy giant GEICO in the U.S., often using their marketing to make direct comparisons between their service and rates and those of GEICO.

Because 21st Century is a Farmers company, they use Farmers HelpPoint for claims service. They also offer various types of insurance policies outside of auto through the other companies in the Farmers Group.

21st Century Products

21st Century writes standard auto insurance aimed at budget-minded drivers. As a standard insurer, their best rates will be available to drivers with clean records who are considered to be low-risk.

21st Century writes all of the basic coverage options. They are a no-frills basic insurance company that doesn’t offer a lot of gimmicks or add-ons. They do include a 24-hour roadside assistance service with all of their policies at no extra charge, something that is normally an extra cost added to an insurance policy.

While 21st Century advertises other insurance products on their website, these are all underwritten by other Farmers companies. 21st Century offers coverage for specialty vehicles including boats, ATVs, and motorcycles through Foremost, another company in the group.

21st Century’s Reputation

21st Century is generally viewed as a relatively low-cost insurance company, but still a step up from some of the cut-rate choices aimed at high-risk drivers. Since their acquisition by Farmers they have a stronger financial backing, but also share some of Farmers less than stellar reputation. Both companies ranked below average in claims satisfaction in 2014, according to J.D. Power.

21st Century faces a lot of criticism in online review forums for raising rates after an accident; the company is not geared towards offering low rates to higher-risk drivers.

Quoting with 21st Century

21st Century Insurance provides quotes online as well as over the phone, and as a direct-buy insurer policies can also be issued quickly and easily.

Online quoting makes it easier for consumers to generate quotes quickly and compare them to other companies in order to get the best deal on their insurance. 21st Century is one of the most affordable insurance companies in the U.S. Currently 21st Century products aren’t available in Canada, as Farmers Insurance has not crossed the border. It is possible Farmers may join other major U.S insurance companies in offering products in Canada in the future.

Will 21st Century Come to Canada?

While there are no expansion plans at this time for 21st Century to enter the Canadian insurance market, they are part of an enormous insurance group that is among those more likely to come north at some point.