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Compare Quotes from 30+ Car Insurance Providers and Save
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10 Mistakes Car Buyers Make When Buying NewOutside of buying a home, a car will likely be the second biggest purchase you’ll make. Avoid making these 10 common mistakes when buying a new car, to avoid pangs of regret as your drive off in your new set of wheels. Read more »
Father Knows Best: How to Save $700 on Your Car InsuranceShow Dad how much you’ve learned from him this Father’s Day, June 16th. Impress him with the savings you can get on your car insurance with these tips that could help you spend less. Read more »
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20 Ways to Protect Your Home from Flooding and Water DamageWater damage claims have surpassed fire claims as the number one cause of home insurance losses in much of the country. The weather can be unpredictable, but you can take precautions now to minimize the chance your home will sustain damage in advance of a heavy rainfall. Read more »
This week's best question answered by our resident insurance guru, Anne Marie. Thomas. Read more »
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This week's best question answered by our resident insurance guru, Anne Marie. Thomas. Read more »
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