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Get Your Car Ready For The Winter

Get Your Car Ready For The WinterToo often the fall season feels like winter. But, we do live in Canada where the weather can be wacky, weird and at times, out of sync with our expectations which is why it’s never too early to make sure your car is ready for the winter roads ahead. Read more »

Long Weekend Safe Driving Tips

Long Weekend Safe Driving TipsThere are two things you can bank on this long weekend: traffic (and lots of it) and a heavy police presence on the roads looking for drivers who are impaired, distracted, behaving aggressively, or not wearing their seat belts. Don’t get caught…in traffic or by police this weekend with these 15 long weekend safe driving tips. Read more »

Gobble Up Savings On Your Car Insurance

Gobble Up Savings On Your Car InsuranceDon’t let auto insurance premiums eat away at your savings. Stuff your wallet with these money saving car insurance tips. Read more »

OPP Kicks Off Annual Fall Seat Belt Campaign. Are You Buckled Up? [Updated]

Buckle up. Starting September 23 and going on throughout the fall, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) will be cracking down on drivers, and passengers, who are not properly secured in the vehicle. As the U.S.-based National Highway Traffic Safety Administration puts it, “Click it Or Ticket.” Read more »

11 Car Insurance Myths Debunked [Updated]

Car Insurance Myths DebunkedCar insurance myths can cost us money, or influence decisions we make if believed. Learn the truth behind these common car insurance myths. Read more »

Myths and Facts about Car Insurance [Updated]

Do red cars cost more to insure?The problem with insurance myths is that they lead us astray. They lead us to make decisions we might otherwise not make, or perhaps worse, end up costing us money. Read more »

Ouch, That’s Going To Hurt – 4 Surprises That Will Cost You

No matter who or how old you are, having a stash of cash squirrelled away will help when things go sideways; and sometimes they do go sideways. Read more »

The Top 5 Home Insurance Myths [Updated]

Myths regarding insurance are pervasive, and home insurance is no different. InsuranceHotline.com dispels the top 5 myths that have sprouted up around home insurance, making it easier for insurance buyers to shop and purchase coverage with confidence. Read more »

Speed Limits Reduced to 30 km/h In Neighbourhoods Across Toronto

Speed Limits Reduced to 30 km/h In Neighbourhoods Across TorontoThe first of 12 affected wards in downtown Toronto and East York saw residential speed limits reduced from 40 km/h to 30 km/h this week. Will the speed limit in your neighbourhood be going down soon too? Read more »

Celebrate The New Season By Saving On Your Car Insurance

A change in season is the ideal time to spot check your car insurance rates. See if you can rake up some extra money by saving on your car insurance premiums. Be-leaf it! Read more »

Renting A Cottage This Fall? Renting Out Your Own? Here’s what You Need to Know

Before renting a cottage, make sure you're protected. Tips to make sure both the owner and renter get the best out of a cottage rental. Read more »

Usage-Based Insurance: As Easy As Plugging In a USB Key

This video shows how easy it is to install a UBI (Usage Based Insurance) device in your vehicle. It’s just as simple as plugging in a USB key or charging your phone. Read more »

10 Common Insurance Myths Debunked [Updated]

Exposing common insurance mythsThere are quite a few common myths associated with auto and home insurance that could be costing you money. Let’s debunk them and hopefully save you money along the way. Read more »

School Zone Safety: Keeping An Eye Out For The Kids

School zones are busy spots; there’s a lot going on and there’s a lot to look out for as a driver. Read more »

Steer Clear Of Tickets: New Ontario Rules Of The Road [Updated]

Steer Clear Of Tickets: New Ontario Rules Of The RoadOntario drivers! Did you know there are new rules of the road as of September 1, 2015 that you'll need to know about to steer clear of tickets, fines, demerit points, and even licence suspensions? See what's new on the roads in Ontario. Read more »

A Complete Guide To Car Insurance Savings – How You Can Save Money

A Complete Guide To Car Insurance SavingsAuto insurance rates are anything but insignificant for the vast majority of drivers, but there are ways to spend less on the coverage you need. See our 10 insider tips to saving money on your auto insurance. Read more »

Dogs and Your Home Insurance

In the time it takes you to read this article three Canadians will be bitten by dogs. Millions of dollars are paid out in dog bite and attack related insurance claims every year. Find out how to ensure you and your dog are protected. Read more »

Travelling In The Heart Of Hurricane Season

Travelling in hurricane seasonTravellers beware: hurricane season is upon us. While hurricane season typically runs from mid-May through to November, the heart of the season is in August, September and October. Learn what you need to know if travelling during hurricane season. Read more »

VIDEO: Ask The Expert – Five Life Insurance Questions Answered

We sit down with our in-house insurance expert Anne Marie Thomas to discuss five of the most common questions people have about life insurance: what it is, when you need it, why it’s not just for couples or parents, how much… Read more »

How Are Insurance Premiums Affected When Your Children Go Away to School? [Updated]

September is coming and soon thousands of college and university students will be leaving the nest and heading off to school. If your child has been added to your auto insurance policy, you should call your auto insurer; you could save money as a result. Read more »

Dangerous Driving Blitz in Toronto’s 41 Division Kicks Off

Sign warning drivers to stop for pedestriansOfficers from 41 Division will be increasing enforcement in the area, especially at high-accident locations and intersections, to remind drivers to obey the rules of the road and to focus on driving, not their hand-held devices. Read more »

Best Back-To-School Cars For Students

© Maxhphoto | Dreamstime.com - Honda Fit At The Chicago Auto Show PhotoSee which cars are at the head of the class and made the list as the best for back-to-school. Read more »

1,735 Drivers Busted For Misusing HOV Lanes During Pan Am Games

© Mikecphoto | Dreamstime.com - Traffic On The Gardiner Express Photo Police wrote up 1,735 HOV lane violation tickets to drivers, and handed out another 2,000 tickets for other traffic-related infractions during the Pan Am Games. Can we expect more of the same during the Parapan Am Games? Read more »

Road Trip Essentials: 5 Ways To Rock The Road

Road trip essentialsRoad trips are a great way to travel. You can decide when to stop, where to stop and for how long. Road trips, however, sometimes come with bumps that can slow you down if you’re not prepared. Rock your road trip and avoid bumps in the road with these road trip essentials. Read more »

Hot Under The Collar Because Of Your Car Insurance Premiums? Tips To Help You Save

Enjoy some cool summer savings on your car insurance with these hot tips. Read more »

Car Insurance In Ontario: What’s Happening With Rates?

A photo of drivers entering and leaving TorontoNews alert: Ontario car insurance rates have gone up contrary to the government’s two year plan to lower rates by 15 per cent by this coming August. See what's expected to happen to Ontario car insurance rates in the coming months. Read more »

5 Times When You’re More Likely To Get In A Car Accident

Five Times When You’re More Like To Get In A Car AccidentAccidents, collisions, and fender-benders. No matter what you call them, they happen and they happen a lot. While you should always take care when behind the wheel, there are times, or conditions, when collisions are more likely to happen Read more »

Warning: More Car Accidents Occur in Summer Than Winter Time

What to do after an auto accidentDid you know that almost 20 per cent of reported collisions in Canada happen during July and August? Here’s what to do if it happens to you. Read more »

Why doesn’t my car insurance rate go down as my car gets older?

Why doesn’t my car insurance rate go down as my car gets older?Why doesn’t my car insurance rate go down as my car gets older? Many drivers think that their insurance will go down as their car depreciates, but this isn’t necessarily true. Read more »

The After Effects of Alberta and Ontario’s Floods on Home Insurance

Alberta floods of 2013Flood insurance in Canada, prior to the Alberta floods, didn't really exist. However, home insurance is beginning to change. Read more »