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Compare Quotes from 30+ Car Insurance Providers and Save

Will Brake for Auto Insurance Discounts

Will Brake for Auto Insurance DiscountsAviva Canada says that drivers of vehicles equipped with automatic emergency braking (AEB) may qualify for a 15 per cent discount on their car insurance. Read more »

The Season of Driving in the Dark Is Here

The Season of Driving in the Dark Is HereIt goes without saying that driving in the dark is considerably more difficult than driving during daylight hours; it’s simply harder to see what’s going on around you. And, now that the sun is setting before your workday is over, it’s time to shine a light on a few nighttime driving tips. Read more »

Preparing a Well-Stocked Winter Car Kit

Preparing a Well-Stocked Winter Car KitWinter driving can be hazardous, and to be prepared for any situation on the road, a winter car kit is a must in every vehicle. See what your kit should include. Read more »

8 Key Tips to Driving Safely This Winter

Driving can be unpredictable, hazardous and stressful, especially during the winter. Don’t let slippery roads, poor visibility and cold temperatures get to you by taking some safety precautions before heading out. Review these tips as we acknowledge National Safe Driving Week and embrace the season that’s upon us. Read more »

Does Your Insurance Increase Depending on the Ticket You Received? [Updated]

traffic ticketsMost people with car insurance are probably aware that their monthly premiums are calculated using a number of different factors that involve the car, the driver, as well as the place where the car is used. If you get a ticket (or two), you can usually expect your car insurance premiums to climb. On this episode of #AskAnneMarie, insurance expert Anne Marie explains how different types of tickets can affect your premium. Read more »

Black Friday Deals Can’t Match What You Can Save on Your Car Insurance

Black Friday Deals Can't Match What You Can Save on Your Car InsuranceEach year, Black Friday in Canada gains in popularity. Long gone are the days when you would have to cross border shop for deals. But if you really want to save money, you should start by looking at what you’re currently paying for your car insurance. InsuranceHotline explains why. Read more »

8 Ways to Get Your Home Winter Ready

8 Ways To Get Your Home Winter ReadyThe winter season is drawing near which means subzero, arctic like temperatures, icy conditions and a whole lot of snow. Extreme weather and conditions are not uncommon in the winter which is why it's important that you protect your home from any potential damage the frigid temperatures and snow may bring. Read more »

Is Photo Radar Coming Back to Ontario?

Is Photo Radar Coming Back to Ontario?Photo radar in Ontario may become a reality, again, as the province prepares to introduce legislation that would give municipalities the means and technology to catch speeders in community safety zones and school zones. Read more »

Black Friday in Canada as Popular as Boxing Day

Black Friday in Canada as Popular as Boxing DayBlack Friday in Canada is now just as popular as Boxing Day. Will you be ready for the crowded parking lots? Read more »

Looking Forward to Falling Back: Safe Driving As Daylight Savings Ends

Commuters may be more well-rested after the end of daylight savings thanks to that extra hour. But in some areas, road accidents increase during the period after daylight savings. As we fall back and start heading towards winter, follow these safe driving tips to reduce accidents after the clocks change. Read more »

Halloween Tricks, Pranks and Accidents: Are You Covered? [Updated]

Halloween Tricks, Pranks and Accidents: Are You Covered?Thankfully, Halloween is usually more about the treat, but Halloween hijinks, tricks and even accidents can happen. How will your car insurance or home insurance protect you? Read more »

What Happens if You’re in a Parking Lot Accident? [Updated]

parking lotParking lot accidents happen from time to time. Though usually minor, it's important to realize that they can affect your car insurance premiums just as much as any other accident. On this episode of #AskAnneMarie, Anne Marie covers common parking lot scenarios and explains who may be at fault if an accident were to occur. Read more »

Car Insurance Premiums Give You a Fright? 13 Tips to Lower Your Bill

Car Insurance Premiums Give You a Fright? 13 Tips to Lower Your BillTake a bite out of your insurance premiums with these 13 tips to help you lower your car insurance bill. Read more »

Top 20 International Destinations for Travellers

Top 20 International Destinations for TravellersThere’s nothing like packing your bags, grabbing all your travel documents, getting on a flight, and exploring the nooks and crannies of the world. If you have the travel bug and need inspiration on where to go we've got 20 places worth consideration. Read more »

It’s a Wild World: What to do If You Hit an Animal on the Road

If you hit an animal that caused damage to your vehicle, will you be covered for this type of collision, or will you be left to pick up the roadkill…tab? Learn what to do if you hit an animal while driving, whether it be a racoon, a deer or a moose. Read more »

Car Insurance in Ontario: What’s Happening with Rates? [Updated]

A photo of drivers entering and leaving TorontoNews alert: Ontario car insurance rates are set to increase. See what's expected to happen to Ontario car insurance rates in the coming months. Read more »

20 Tips for Snowbirds Escaping Winter

20 Tips For Snowbirds Escaping WinterEvery winter, hundreds of thousands of Canadian snowbirds head south to avoid the worst that winter has to offer. If you’re looking to escape old man winter for a month or two, or maybe more, here are some home, travel and driving tips to help make sure everything is in order. Read more »

Top 10 Traffic-Heavy Intersections in Toronto

No matter if you’re driving, walking or biking, traffic in Toronto is a part of life. But the City recently announced plans to make changes to 10 of it's most congested intersections. Find out which streets are the most traffic-heavy. Read more »

Fault Determination in a Parking Lot Accident [Updated]

AccidentJust like an accident on the road, parking lot accidents vary greatly as to who will be found at fault. Insurance expert Anne Marie talks about what to do if you find yourself in a collision in a parking lot on this episode of #AskAnneMarie. Read more »

Gobble up Savings on Your Car Insurance

Gobble Up Savings On Your Car InsuranceDon’t let auto insurance premiums eat away at your savings. Stuff your wallet with these money saving car insurance tips. Read more »

Renting a Cottage This Fall? Renting out Your Own? Here’s What You Need to Know

Before renting a cottage, make sure you're protected. Tips to make sure both the owner and renter get the best out of a cottage rental. Read more »

OPP Kicks off Annual Fall Seatbelt Campaign. Are You Buckled Up? [Updated]

Buckle up. Starting September 28 and going on throughout the fall, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) will be cracking down on drivers, and passengers, who are not properly secured in the vehicle. As the U.S.-based National Highway Traffic Safety Administration puts it, “Click it Or Ticket.” Read more »

Get Your Car Ready for the Winter

Get Your Car Ready for the WinterToo often the fall season can feel like winter. But, we do live in Canada where the weather can be wacky, weird and at times, out of sync with our expectations which is why it’s never too early to make sure your car is ready for the winter roads ahead. Read more »

Drug Impaired Driving to Be Treated the Same as Drunk Driving

Ontario laws about driving while impaired by drugs are being beefed up. As of October 2, 2016 penalties for driving while drug impaired will mirror those for driving while drunk. Read more »

Have Visitors Coming to Canada? Entry Rules Have Changed

Travel documentsDo you have family members or friends coming to Canada for a visit? Depending on where they are coming from, as of November 10, 2016, they may need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before they can board their flight. Read more »

Almost Half of All Canadians Live Paycheque to Paycheque

Almost Half of All Canadians Live Paycheque to PaychequeFeeling strapped for cash? You’re not alone as 48 per cent of Canadians recently reported it would be difficult to meet their financial obligations if they missed a paycheque; many of us are financially stretched too thin. Read more »

Celebrate the New Season by Saving on Your Car Insurance

Celebrate the New Season by Saving on Your Car InsuranceNow that fall is here, it’s time to see if you can rake up some extra money by saving on your car insurance premiums. Be-leaf it! Read more »

Top Factors That Affect Life Insurance Premiums

Top Factors That Affect Life Insurance PremiumsLife insurance rates are based on a variety of different factors that, when combined, go into determining the premium you’ll pay. Read more »

In Tow: New Rules and Regulations If Your Vehicle Is Towed in Ontario

In Tow: New Rules and Regulations If Your Vehicle Is Towed in OntarioIf you’re in need of a tow, you’re likely having a bad day already, but new rules and regulations in Ontario aim to ensure your bad day doesn’t get worse. Learn more about Ontario's new rules and regulations for towing and storage. Read more »

Usage-Based Insurance: What it is, How it Works [Updated]

More Canadian insurers are offering usage-based insurance today. But many consumers still have not yet fully embraced the technology. In this episode of #AskAnneMarie, we learn what is UBI, how it works and if it will really save them money in the long-run. Read more »