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20 Ways to Protect Your Home from Flooding and Water Damage [VIDEO]

Did you know that water damage claims have surpassed fire claims as the number one cause of home insurance losses in much of the country? Weather can be crazy and unpredictable, but you can take precautions to minimize the chance your home will sustain water damage from flooding. Read more »

10 Spring Maintenance Tips for Around the Home and in the Car

Everyone has an extra spring in their step now that winter is behind us, but your home and car may be a bit sluggish. Now that the weather is warmer, InsuranceHotline.com has listed areas to target that may be in need of some TLC. Read more »

Changes Are Coming to Your Ontario Auto Insurance

You may have heard rumblings that there are changes coming to your auto insurance; in fact, you’ve probably received something in the mail about it. Learn more about the changes that are coming into effect on June 1, 2016. Read more »

Car Insurance in Ontario: What’s Happening with Rates? [Updated]

A photo of drivers entering and leaving TorontoNews alert: Ontario car insurance rates are set to decrease. See what's expected to happen to Ontario car insurance rates in the coming months. Read more »

Choosing the Best Used Car for Your Teen

Every parent wants to make sure their teen is safe and sound behind the wheel. You’ll likely want a vehicle with a lot of safety features without spending a fortune, and a used model is probably your best bet. But how do you know which model is the safest and most cost-effective? Read more »

10 Things That Can Impact Your Home Insurance Rate [VIDEO]

The way your home insurance rate is calculated may seem like a mystery. But there are many reasons, both in and out of your control, that can make your home insurance rate rise and fall. Our insurance expert, Anne Marie, explains in this video series... Read more »

Would You Leave Home Without Travel Insurance?

Travel can be exciting, relaxing and rewarding, but if something goes wrong while you are away from home, it can quickly become a financial nightmare; and according to a recent survey, 55 per cent of Canadians are willing to risk it. See why you shouldn't. Read more »

Parking Fines Increased in Toronto

Drivers in Toronto caught parking illegally could now face fines of $150. Learn more about the new fines, and what to do if your ride is towed too. Read more »

Buying an Older Home? 5 Factors That May Affect Your Home Insurance

If mature neighbourhoods are your style, and you want to buy a home, chances are you’ll be looking at an older house. Some older homes, however, haven’t been maintained as well as others. Before making a “new to you” house your home, learn what to look for so you're not surprised when it comes time to get home insurance. Read more »

Lost and Found: What Happens When You Find Your Ring After Submitting a Claim?

Losing a valuable possession like a diamond ring, a high-end camera, or a luxury bike can be devastating. That’s why some people choose to protect their expensive articles by scheduling them into their home insurance policies. But what happens if you lose the item, file a claim, receive your payout… and happen to find the item a few months later? Read more »

Key Times to Save and Shop for Car Insurance [Updated]

Save on Car insurance on your next new vehiclePeople often think about insurance on a need only basis, about once a year. But, if you’re not checking in on your rates occasionally, you may be overpaying. See when you should be shopping around for a better rate. Read more »

How to Choose a Deductible

When purchasing auto insurance or home insurance, you’ll need to decide how much your deductibles should be. Make the right choice by asking yourself a few key questions. Read more »

Celebrate the New Season by Saving on Your Car Insurance

Spring is the time of year when we start shedding layers. But, it’s also the ideal time to see if you can shed some unwanted expenses. See if you can put some extra spring in your budget, by saving money on your car insurance premiums. Read more »

Spring Forward: Driver Safety Tips for Daylight Savings Time

Spring is just around the corner! The proof? On Sunday March 13th, we spring forward one hour into Daylight Saving Time. That’s the good news. The bad news is that we’ll lose an hour of sleep, which can have serious consequences for drivers. Read more »

Shake off Winter’s Chill and Warm up to Savings [Updated]

As winter’s grasp slowly loosens, why not warm up to saving money on your car insurance rates today? Learn how. Read more »

Going the Way of Minivans: Minivans That Will Cost You Less to Insure [Updated]

A MinivanIf your family is ready for a minivan, there’s a lot to consider when making the decision on which one to purchase: seating capacity, fuel-efficiency, reliability, safety features, and family-friendly extras... Read more »

Is Your Jewelry Insured?

For many, jewelry and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand. But did you know that your homeowner or tenants insurance policy may not provide you with adequate insurance coverage for your Valentine’s Day valuables? Read more »

The Best-Selling Trucks in Canada: Which Are Cheapest to Insure? [Updated]

Row of brand new trucks in a dealer lot The top 10 best-selling trucks in Canada and ones cheapest to insure. See who makes the list.... Read more »

A Complete Guide To Car Insurance Savings – How You Can Save Money

A Complete Guide To Car Insurance SavingsAuto insurance rates are anything but insignificant for the vast majority of drivers, but there are ways to spend less on the coverage you need. See our 10 insider tips to saving money on your auto insurance. Read more »

Top SUVs and Crossovers: Best-Sellers in Canada [Updated]

A white SUVPopular SUVs and the ones that are cheapest to insure. See how Canada's best-selling SUVs rank. Read more »

The Keys to Winter Cycling Success

The Keys to Winter Cycling SuccessDo you long for the warm summer days when you could just jump on your bike and go for a ride? Don’t stop there. It’s still possible even in the dead of winter. Learn how to continue the cycle, and put the pedal to the metal this winter. Read more »

Best-Selling Cars In Canada: Which Are Cheapest To Insure? [Updated]

Buying a new car? Canada's best-selling cars in 2015 See the top 10 best-selling cars in Canada and how they rank when it comes to the cost of car insurance. Read more »

Dangerous Driving In School Zones: 10 Tips To Drop Kids Safely Off At School

Dangerous Driving In School Zones: 10 Tips To Drop Kids Safely Off At SchoolAs a parent, you may think you’re keeping your kids safe by driving them to school in the morning, but a recent study suggests otherwise. Dangerous driving behaviours in school zones happen more than you might think, putting your child at risk. Read more »

Distracted Driving Ticket Could Increase Your Insurance By $230!

distracted women drivingCanada is a vast country, with lots of places to go and wide open roads. But no matter where your nationwide travels may take you, it’s against the law in almost all provinces and territories to drive while distracted. Read more »

Keeping Up Winter Car Maintenance

Keeping Up Winter Car MaintenanceSnow, slush, and freezing rain. When the snow is flying, see what you should be doing to keep your car in tip top shape during the winter months. Read more »

Winter Driving Safety Tips [Updated]

Well, it was bound to happen. We do live in Canada after all. Driving in the winter requires more caution. Stay safe on the winter roads by following a few simple tips that will help you to avoid accidents as well as the potential for getting stuck or stranded in a snowstorm. Read more »

Preparing a Well-Stocked Winter Car Kit

Winter Car KitWinter driving can be hazardous, and to be prepared for any eventuality on the road, a winter car kit is a must in every vehicle. Putting together a well-stocked winter car kit to keep you ready for roadside emergencies is quick, simple, and should be done at the first sign of snow. See what your kit should include. Read more »

The Top 10 Factors That Affect Life Insurance Premiums

Life Insurance QuotesLife insurance rates are based on different factors, and it can be a bit confusing to many people to make sense of why they are being charged a certain premium. These top 10 factors will take the confusion out of what goes into your life insurance rate. Read more »

Life Insurance Tips: Reasons to Buy Right Now

life insurance quotesUnlike home or car insurance, life insurance is considered optional by most people, but for everyone there is at least one good reason to take out a policy. InsuranceHotline.com’s life insurance buying tips make it clear what the reasons are and why delaying can be a big mistake. Read more »

New Road Rules 2016 – What’s New On The Road?

What’s New On The Road?When the clock hit midnight signalling the start of 2016, some new road rules, fines, and fees kicked in as well. See what’s new on the road for drivers in Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec. Read more »