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10 Tips When Driving Abroad

10 Tips When Driving AbroadDriving in a foreign country on unfamiliar roads can take your breath away in more ways than one; not only because of the scenery around you but because of the roads ahead of you. If you’re planning on taking to the road on your next vacation, these 10 tips will help ensure a safe, stress-free journey. Read more »

Driving Infractions, Tickets and Penalties [Updated]

parking ticket on windshieldMinor, major and serious driving convictions can lead to many penalties... like fines, demerit points, suspensions, and even a hike in your insurance rate. In this episode of #AskAnneMarie, our insurance expert Anne Marie explains the tickets that are affecting your record. Read more »

$3.58 Billion in Insured Damage from the Alberta Wildfires

$3.58 Billion in Insured Damage from the Alberta WildfiresAs the residents of Fort McMurray work to recover, rebuild and return to a normal life after the wildfire devastation, news has surfaced that this has been the costliest insured natural disaster in Canadian history. Read more »

Car Insurance in Ontario: What’s Happening with Rates? [Updated]

A photo of drivers entering and leaving TorontoNews alert: Ontario car insurance rates are set to increase. See what's expected to happen to Ontario car insurance rates in the coming months. Read more »

Canadians to Reign in Summer Spending

Canadians to Reign in Summer SpendingAs the temperature increases, so too does our spending. It’s the summer after all, and there’s lots to do: pool parties, barbeques, home renovations, music festivals, road trips and connecting with friends at the local neighbourhood patio. Read more »

Warm Weather Brings Spike in Accidents and Tickets

Summer is in full swing. But just when you thought weather conditions were at their best for driving, the fact is that this is the season when drivers are more likely to get a ticket or be involved in a collision. Read more »

Home Improvement Patio Edition: Over a Third of Canadians Renovating Outside this Year

Surveys show that over a third of Canadian homeowners plan to improve their yards this year. Learn about the impact certain renovations can have on your home insurance. Read more »

Canada Day Trivia, How Would You Score? Plus, Fireworks Safety Tips [Updated]

How well do you know Canada, and how to safely use fireworks? Canada Day trivia and firework tips to help you celebrate safely. Learn more. Read more »

Fireworks And Your Home Insurance [Updated]

Fireworks and Your Home InsuranceFireworks are always an enjoyable way to celebrate Canada Day. If you'll be putting on backyard firework show see what firework safety tips you need to know. Read more »

Road Trip Essentials: 5 Ways To Rock The Road [Updated]

Road trip essentialsRoad trips are a great way to travel. You can decide when to stop, where to stop and for how long. Road trips, however, sometimes come with bumps that can slow you down if you’re not prepared. Rock your road trip and avoid bumps in the road with these road trip essentials. Read more »

High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lanes Coming to the QEW

High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lanes Coming to the QEWIf you regularly use the QEW, the province’s plan to designate existing High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes as HOT lanes, may help make your commute a little less congested. Read more »

Car Accident Q&A: Your Questions Answered with Anne Marie [VIDEO]

There are many unique ways to get into an accident; you may have rear-ended another car in the parking lot, ran into a deer, or maybe drove over a curb into a fence. Watch this video to learn how you should handle these special cases if they ever happen to you. Read more »

How to Travel Cyber-Safely

Even while you're on vacation, hackers can easily access your smartphone, tablet or laptop and steal your personal information, your identity or your money, and corrupt your device through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access. Follow these tips to avoid cyber threats to your security while travelling. Read more »

Celebrate the New Season by Saving on Your Car Insurance

Summer Berries At The MarketNow that summer is officially here, it’s time to enjoy the sun and the warmth. It’s also the ideal time to see if you can put some extra sizzle in your budget, by saving money on your car insurance premiums. Read more »

Batten Down the Hatches! How to Prepare for the Severe Weather Season

As temperatures rise, so does the risk for severe weather. In Canada, tornado season peaks in the summer. And while we can’t avoid all damage caused by severe weather, follow these tips to prepare yourself and your property before a disaster occurs. Read more »

Don’t Think You Need Tenant Insurance? Reasons Why You Do

Tenant insurance is inexpensive and easy to get; yet many people who rent where they live, don't bother with tenant insurance, putting themselves at great financial risk. See how many renters don't have the tenant insurance coverage they need. Read more »

Tire Maintenance Guide: 10 Simple Tips For Longer, Lasting Tires

Tires are a vital part of your vehicle. They’re the only thing between you and the road. Stay safe, and save some money too, by ensuring your tires are maintained properly. Read more »

Father Knows Best: How To Save $700 On Your Car Insurance

Father Knows Best: Save Up To $700 On Your Car InsuranceShow Dad how much you’ve learned from him this Father’s Day, June 19th. Impress him with the savings you can get on your car insurance with these tips that could help you spend less. Read more »

More Than Half of Ontario Drivers “Auto Renew”

More Than Half of Ontario Drivers “Auto Renew”Ontario auto insurance reforms are here. Drivers are urged—before renewing—to learn more about the reforms, ask lots of questions, and shop around. Read more »

Most Congested Canadian Cities

If you were betting on Canada’s largest city, Toronto, being the most congested city in Canada, you better forfeit your losses. According to the TomTom Traffic Index, it's not the most congested. See which city topped the list. Read more »

Changes to Your Ontario Auto Insurance [Updated]

You may have heard rumblings about the changes to your auto insurance; in fact, you’ve probably received something in the mail about it. Learn more about the changes that are now a reality. Read more »

School’s out and the Kids Are Home for the Summer

School is Out for the sumemerWith a bag full of laundry, many university and college students have returned home for the summer. With their return, comes a few housekeeping items (other than laundry) that need to be revisited. Read more »

The Ultimate List on How To Save on Car Insurance – Over 37 Genius Ways!

There are many ways to save money on your car insurance. In fact, we’ve identified 37 of them and some of the tips could even save you as much as $700. Read more to see how you could be saving today. Read more »

Summer Toys: How Pools, Hot Tubs, Trampolines & Tree Houses Affect Your Home Insurance

Pools, hot tubs, trampolines and tree houses all provide enjoyable ways for kids and adults to spend the summer months, but they also come with risks. If you’re a homeowner, you’re going to want to check with your home insurance provider to ensure you have adequate liability coverage before anyone goes for that first dive, jump or climb. Read more »

Long Weekend Safe Driving Tips

There are two things you can bank on this long weekend: traffic (and lots of it) and a heavy police presence on the roads looking for drivers who are impaired, distracted, behaving aggressively, or not wearing their seat belts. Don’t get caught…in traffic or by police this weekend with these 15 long weekend safe driving tips. Read more »

Get an Online Insurance Quote Without Using Your Own Personal Information

Looking to get an online insurance quote without divulging any personal information? You likely won’t have much luck as online insurance quotes are only as accurate as the information provided. The good news is that only the information needed to give you your quotes is requested. No unnecessary questions are asked and it typically takes as little as 5 to 10 minutes on InsuranceHotline.com. Learn more. Read more »

The Wildfires in Fort McMurray and What You Need to Know [VIDEO]

The wildfires in Fort McMurray and the surround area are devastating and everyone at InsuranceHotline.com wants to help in the best way we know how—by relaying important information that may help during this difficult time. Read more »

Ontario G2 Licence Requirements and Restrictions

Ontario G2 Licence Requirements and RestrictionsHave a G1 and want to get your G2? Learn what's involved in getting your G2 and the licensing requirements and restrictions. Read more »

City of Toronto Hits the Gas Pedal on Ride-Sharing

After years of controversy, Uber in Toronto will be able to stick around as city council approves new rules regulating the ride-sharing industry. Read more »

8 Money Saving Tips from Mom This Mother’s Day

A note thanking momThis Mother’s Day let’s thank mom for all her pearls of financial wisdom. We’ve rounded up and summarized some of the best financial and money-saving tips courtesy of mothers everywhere, including our own in-house expert Anne Marie Thomas, one of the most spending-savvy moms we know. Read more »