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Car Insurance Tips For Holiday Travelers

December 17, 2008

The good news is that your current policy and coverage protects you when
driving across Canada and the continental U.S.

What if you’re planning to rent a car? Depending upon the coverage that you
have on your existing policy, you may not need to purchase coverage for loss or
damage to a rental vehicle from the rental agency. Before you make that
decision, be sure to speak to your broker or agent about your current policy.
The specific name of the coverage varies from province to province. In Ontario
this coverage or “Ă‹Å“endorsement’ is called an OPCF 27 and in some other provinces
it is called an SEF 27. This coverage provides protection from $25,000 to
$50,000 for damage to a rental vehicle, and applies not only to you, but to all
the drivers listed on your policy.

Another way you may be able to access rental car insurance is through your
credit card. Some credit card companies offer this coverage as a benefit for its
users. Check your cardholder agreement for full details.

While you’re checking the details of your car insurance coverage, why not
also make sure you’re paying the lowest rate available? InsuranceHotline.com instantly
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