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Chieftain Insurance Company Profile

Established in 1999, Chieftain is a product of The Dominion. Chieftain is the right insurance choice for those who value quality and simplicity. Chieftain offers insurance packages that provide comprehensive coverage through a standardized set of features and a range of straightforward options. Chieftain provides “one-stop shopping” for quality coverage, competitive pricing, numerous discounts, excellent claims service and the convenience of monthly credit card payments.

Chieftain Insurance quotes are available on InsuranceHotline.com for auto and property insurance and offered through a network of independent licensed insurance brokers who subscribe to our service.

Chieftain Insurance Canada is a division of Dominion insurance company. Chieftain offers both automobile insurance coverage and home insurance. Insurance products are supplied through various independent brokers throughout Canada. Online automobile insurance quotes and purchases are available.

Automobile Insurance

Automobile insurance shares risk for any accident or other type of damage. Purchasing an automobile insurance policy means that the car is covered against any damages, liabilities, or injuries that may result from the use of the automobile. An insurance premium is purchased for certain amounts of coverage, and a deductible is selected for the particular policy. Car accidents, theft, and vandalism claims against the automobile policy are accepted. The vehicle involvement in any of these types of claims may be covered under a purchased automobile policy.

Automobile Insurance and the Law

Most jurisdictions require that all vehicles have a certain type of insurance coverage. This protects the automobile investment, the banking loan, or the other driver. An accident claim would involve a determination of who is at fault. Fault may generate either a total fault claim, or fault may be determined to be shared by a certain percentage. Driving on public roads with an automobile may require a certain amount or type of coverage. Usually there is a minimum amount of collision coverage that is required. Collision coverage means that the automobile will be insured against any damage or liability for the other driver or automobile.

Comprehensive insurance coverage says that the automobile and the other driver and automobile are covered against any fault that the vehicle may be involved in. Leasing companies and banking institutions prefer to have a comprehensive policy for the vehicle that is being driven. This means that the automobile will be repaired if there are damages to the car.

Purchasing Automobile Insurance

Purchasing insurance may be completed through a private carrier or through a government agency. The particular group that is providing the insurance may differ depending on the location where the automobile is registered.

Making an Insurance Claim

Making an insurance claim may involve an appraisal of the car damages. If the vehicle has been stolen or vandalized, then this type of insurance claim will take into account the amount of the loss. A deductible amount may be a part of any insurance claim. This means that the policy holder will pay the determined deductible first. The insurance company pays the balance of the claim for the amount of the car repairs or car replacement.

Deductibles may not be required under these circumstances:

1. Damage to the vehicle has been caused by another driver, and the car owner is not at fault.

2. There is a third party liability clause that is included in the automobile policy. This clause says that the insurance company will be responsible for damages.

3. The policy holder has made a claim for accident benefits and injury benefits.

4. The car is declared a total loss. This type of loss may occur as a result of a vehicle theft. A total loss of a vehicle may be due to fire.