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Commercial Property Insurance Quotes In Canada

July 9, 2010

Commercial Property Insurance Quotes In Canada

Welcome to InsuranceHotline.com, providing auto and commercial property insurance quotes to Canadians for over 15 years. InsuranceHotline.com allows business owners to quickly and easily get competitive business insurance quotes to help protect their most important business assets. Get connected with our network of licensed insurance professionals who can work with you to best understand your specific insurance needs and ensure you are adequately protected.

About Commercial Insurance
Owners of small, medium and large businesses are exposed to a wide variety of risks and need to ensure they’ve obtained the most comprehensive protection possible. Having the right commercial insurance policy does more than just offer peace of mind; it’s an essential part of your company’s strategy to stay competitive and protect yourself, your employees and your assets from financial ruin.

Types of Commercial Insurance:
The most common commercial insurance policies required by businesses include:

Commercial General Liability Insurance
Covers you and your business if you cause property damage or bodily injury, and includes defence costs

Tenants Legal Liability Insurance
Protects against certain damages to leased premises

Errors and Omissions Insurance
Covers you for professional mistakes that might cost your clients expenses or fines

Property coverage Insurance
Insures any property the business may own against insured perils

Construction and Bonding Insurance
Provides coverage for Final bonds, Bid bonds, Environmental bonds

Business Interruption Insurance
Helps cover lost revenue due to a physical loss or damage to assets

Crime Insurance
Insures actual money loss due to employee dishonesty

Transit Insurance
Covers property you send by land, sea or air

Why Do I Need Commercial Insurance?
Without the right business insurance coverage, your business could suffer financial ruin due to a catastrophic loss or legal lawsuit. Obtaining commercial insurance unique to your business needs will allow you to plan for the worst case scenario, maintain a successful, viable business and provide peace of mind. Review and assess your businesses needs often for complete protection of your business.

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover My Business For?
The most common facets of a commercial insurance policy include protection of your company’s Property, General Liability insurance and Business Interruption. In general, Property insurance covers you for damage to your business property, General Liability insurance covers bodily injury or damage done to others, and Business Interruption compensates for lost income due to physical loss or damage to your business assets.