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If I lend my car to a friend and they cause an accident, will my premiums go up even though it wasn’t my fault?

June 23, 2014

If the driver of your car was at-fault for the accident (wholly or partially) then it is likely that your auto insurance premium will increase.

Car insurance is tied to the vehicle and not the person. If you lend your car out to a friend or family member and your vehicle is involved in an accident it will be the policy covering the vehicle that will be affected. Remember, if you lend your car, you are in essence lending your car insurance.

That said, if you lend your car and the driver gets a speeding ticket, the ticket is their problem–not yours–in the insurance world.

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    Speeding tickets go against the driver of the vehicle. It is their licence that they provide to the police when they are stopped.
    A speeding ticket another driver receives when driving your vehicle does not count against your record.

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    Yes your insurance will cover the teen but if there is an accident, you insurance company may insist on your adding them on the policy and paying a premium.

  • idris

    FYI: Through a ‘letter of experience’, the at fault rating can be transferred to the drivers policy with their consent.

  • Susan

    Please tell me more about a “letter of experience “.

  • Susan

    I’ve never heard I’d a “letter of experience “. Tell me more.

  • Jan

    That’s not what my insurance company said. They said if he uses it AT ALL he must be covered under my insurance. One of my teens has a G2 and one has G.

  • Ben Jones

    If I borrowed a car and had an accident (partially at fault) then would my own insurance premiums increase, given that the “insurance follows the vehicle”?