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When it comes to getting the best rate on car insurance in Toronto, many drivers turn to insurance brokers. Insurance brokers in Toronto and beyond have established relationships with multiple insurance companies to secure and offer drivers multiple rates. An insurance broker may have relationships with as many as 10 insurance companies. This means that you might have to contact many insurance brokers to get the best rate for all of the insurance companies for Toronto. takes the need to call multiple brokers away by comparing rates across our network of licensed brokers, providing you with access to the best available rates from more than 30 of Canada's most trusted insurance companies.  

Millions of drivers have trusted us to help them find an insurance broker in Toronto. Compare quotes today to find out how much you can save and read on to find out more about the advantage. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about insurance brokers and

What is an insurance broker?

Insurance brokers are licensed insurance professionals that serve as an advisor and sales point between drivers and insurance companies. They have previously established relationships with select insurance companies of their choosing, usually limited to five to 10 companies, in order to provide a variety of rates. They typically work independently or as part of a brokerage. When you're comparing quotes with, you can click into the quote to see the name of the insurance broker providing the rate. 

An insurance agent, on the other hand, represents one company. We have several agents in our network of insurance professionals as well in order to provide you with more options. 

To summarize:

Insurance agents work with one company; insurance brokers work with multiple companies; and works with multiple brokers and agents.

Who licences insurance brokers in Toronto?

Insurance brokers in Toronto and the rest of Ontario must be licensed in order to sell insurance. An insurance broker in Ontario must have a Registered Insurance Broker designation from RIBO, The Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario. 

All of  the brokers and agents represented on are licensed insurance professionals.

Is an insurance broker? is not a broker or brokerage. We act as a partner connecting you with a network of brokers that allows for easy quote comparison while providing you with access to more than 30 of Canada's most trusted insurance companies. Rather than getting quotes from one broker or one company, you're getting quotes from multiple brokers at the same time. This is how we work to help you save time and money. offers a platform for you to compare quotes, but when it comes time to purchase a policy you're connected directly with the brokerage of your choice. You always have control and you are never under any obligation to buy. 

How is different from a brokerage? is unlike any other comparison site out there. When you compare quotes with us, you compare quotes from a network of brokers, not just one. Then when you purchase a policy, you're connected directly with the broker who provided the quote. This person becomes your insurance advocate. 

By comparing quotes with us, you get the same benefits of a broker: more quote options, a variety of rates and packages, and, if you decide to buy, the personal relationship with the broker that so many drivers prefer. The difference is we provide you with even more options than if you were going to just one broker. We shop the market for you so you don't have to. 

For each quote you're provided, you have the ability to click into it to see who the broker is and have them contact you by phone or email (your preference).

Am I eligible for additional discounts if I work with a broker?

We've made a serious effort to bake as many discounts as possible into the quoting process-from alumni discounts to professional association discounts, to bundling policies, having a clean driving record, increasing your deductible and more. 

One of the benefits of working with a licensed insurance provider through is you have the opportunity to ask questions about additional discounts that might be available to you that are unique to your situation. For example, if you've recently retired or experienced another life milestone you might be eligible for something we haven't listed.

Our best advice is always to ask! You never know what's available until you inquire. 

Over $4.4 million saved on car insurance premiums last year

Canadians have been saving money with for more than 20 years has helped Canadians save millions of dollars on auto insurance premiums since 1994. Last year, drivers saved an average of $427 on their car insurance by comparing quotes from's network of brokers, totalling $4.4 million in savings in 2018 alone. 

Part of the reason achieving these savings is possible is in no small part due to the relationships we've established with our brokers. When you choose to compare quotes on, you're choosing to work with real people who have your best interests at heart. We work together to offer you the best rates on car insurance in Toronto, Ontario and beyond. Compare quotes today to find out how much you could be saving on your Toronto auto insurance.