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When do you need Life Insurance?

The answer is now. Most people do not think about life insurance until a major life change causes them to consider what might happen to their loved ones should a tragedy occur; but that is not the only good time. Life insurance provides for those left behind to assist them in dealing with the aftermath; even if you do not have a spouse or children, you are likely leaving loved ones behind. Those loved ones will have to pay for your final expenses, which can add up fast. A life insurance policy can also help to cover any debts you might leave behind, ensuring that family members don’t find themselves responsible.

Why should you buy life insurance in your 30s?

The simple fact is that you should buy life insurance at any age. An advantage when you’re younger is that you’re likely to get better life insurance premiums, as you are a lower risk for the insurance company because you are less likely to have health problems. Also, if you get married and buy a home, and even more so if you have a baby, you create new financial obligations and new dependants who will need to be cared for if something happens to you. Now is the most important time to get a life insurance quote and find the policy that will best provide for your family.

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