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Live and Drive in Ontario? Prepare to Pay More.

August 25, 2016

Live and Drive in Ontario? Prepare to Pay More.As of September 1, 2016 your driver’s licence will cost more as will your licence plate sticker fee.

It costs a lot to drive a car in Ontario. There’s auto insurance, fuel, gasoline and regular maintenance to name just a few expenses. Come September however, it’s going to get a bit more expensive as the fees to renew your driver’s licence and licence plate sticker are set to increase.

Beginning September 1, 2016 it will now cost $90 for your driver’s licence up from $81.50, and your licence plate sticker will cost:

  • $60 if you live in northern Ontario (up from $54)
  • $120 if you live in southern Ontario (up from $108

According to ServiceOntario, “The revenue generated from the fee changes will help support the maintenance of provincial roads, highways and bridges. Even with the increase, Ontario drivers are still paying lower fees than many other provinces in Canada.”

Want to save $12 on your licence plate renewal?

According to thestar.com, many drivers can steer clear of the coming licence plate fee increase by “pre-renewing”.

Turns out you can pre-renew your licence plate sticker up to 180 days (about six months) in advance; so if your plates are up for renewal in the next 180 days, you can renew before September 1 and pay the lower fee.

To see the full list of fees that will be changing, visit this ServiceOntario Q & A. And, if you want to beat the increase, you can renew your licence plate sticker online at the lower cost.

It all adds up

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  • Analogdino

    It’s a pity no-one in the Wynne government will serve jail time for the damage they have done to this province… not just for the cost of car ownership!

  • Robert Gerus

    You all voted for the bitch not me and now your complaining waa waa waa Wynne this Wynne that the hole world is turning gay, so who gives a rat’s ass.

  • hardclimate

    Everybody in Ontario has to pay for the abysmal failures this Liberal regime has perpetrated one after the other – and those sheep in the GTA still vote for them! – go figure.

  • The block

    This is nothing the Libreral still have a lot of time left for there mandate. They only want the rich in Ontario, and the rest of us to flip their bills.

  • Mike Miraglia

    I agree, Wynne and her government are nothing but money grabbing scumbags. She and her government have done nothing but lie consistently to the people of Ontario. She attempts to justify various increases, i.e., licensing increases…for infrastructure, roads etc., …we all know that money will not be used as such.
    It is time the people of Ontario simply said, enough is enough…this province requires a Plebiscite for all to vote her and her lying government out of office. The definition for those unfamiliar…
    “a direct vote of the qualified voters of a state or province in this case, in regard to some important public question.”
    The people of Ontario have numerous such questions regarding her and her government. Other provinces have used a Plebiscite to reverse a government action that they disagree with.
    Now is the time to enact such action. Too many just go along with what happens and never do anything about it. Well, here is the method, a PLEBISCITE!!!!!

  • Linda

    If your website is trying to be so helpful, why did I just get this “heads-up” to renew my licence and plate sticker ON THE DAY that the increase takes effect? Thanks for nothing!!