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Steer Clear Of Tickets: New Ontario Rules Of The Road [Updated]

August 28, 2015

Steer Clear Of Tickets: New Ontario Rules Of The RoadWith the passing of the Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act earlier this summer, there are some new rules of the road coming into effect September 1, 2015 that drivers need to know about to steer clear of tickets, fines, demerit points, and even licence suspensions.

New Ontario Driving Laws

In an effort to ensure Ontario’s roads and highways are safer, the new road rules have a common theme: respecting other people’s need for space to ensure their safety. Come September 1 drivers are required to:

  • Give cyclists a bit of room

    When passing cyclists, drivers must maintain a minimum distance of one metre (approximately three feet) where possible. The fine will be $110 (this includes the set fine, Victim Fine Surcharge, and court costs) and two demerit points. If you fail to give a cyclist the space needed in a designated community safety zone, the fine will be even greater at $180 and two demerit points.

  • Slow down and move over for tow trucks

    Since 2003, drivers have been expected to slow down and move over for police and other first responders when stopped at the side of the road with their flashers on. The law now also applies to tow truck drivers as well. Fines will start at $490.

Increased traffic fines

Along with new road rules, the Act also introduced new penalties of existing laws to encourage compliance.

  • Increased fines for distracted driving

    Fines will increase to a minimum of $490 along with three demerit points. Novice drivers will be looking at a minumum 30-day licence suspension.

  • Increased fines for “dooring” a cyclist

    Fines will start at $365 with three demerit points.

  • Increased fines for cyclists with improper lighting

    Once a $20 fine, the new fines will be $110.

More changes to follow

The Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act included more changes, however, won’t come into effect until later.

  • Waiting for pedestrians to completely cross the road

    At school crossings and crosswalks, drivers are expected to wait for pedestrians to safely arrive on the other side of the street before proceeding. Impatience could be costly as the new fines are expected to range from $150 to $500. The anticipated effective date is January 1, 2016.

  • Driving while drugged to be treated the same as driving drunk

    Roadside licence suspensions, vehicle impoundment and, for repeat offenders, monitoring are up for grabs if thought to be driving drugged. The new drug-impaired driving penalties are expected to come into effect in the fall of 2016.

Better safe than sorry

Sure, tickets and licence suspensions will mean your car insurance rates will likely increase, but what’s most important to remember is that these changes are about the safety of others on the road. Give people the space they need, don’t drive distracted or impaired, and watch out for cyclists.

  • Charles

    It is fine to respect cyclists on the road, but the reverse must be honored which does not happen at all.

  • beatles64

    How about cyclists remaining SINGLE FILE while on the road and not taking up a whole lane even if they are a cycle club. Also pedestrians and joggers who use SPECIFIED BIKE LANES need to be addressed.

  • danny

    there all big cash grabbers for CASH STRAPPED LIBERAL ONT.

  • Maureen H

    For pedestrians crossing.. what if they are crossing a median divided roadway with multiple lanes? Please don’t tell me that if they are across the first 2-3 lanes going away from you, that you must wait until they finish crossing the other 2-3 lanes on the other side of the median too. That would be ridiculous.

  • D-Rock

    I was wondering that one too…

  • Carolyn

    My concern is not with waiting for the pedestrians but for the irate driver behind me! I have been “practicing” waiting for pedestrians to completely cross. Let me say that it is really difficult when there are four lanes.

  • Carolyn

    Yes, Maureen we have to wait until they are completely across. Not looking forward to it.

  • Joe Ting

    You are supposed to keep 1 meter away when passing a cyclist, yet the opposite does not seem to be true. How can you ‘door’ a cyclist if he is riding 1 meter away when he is passing?

  • Roger Jones

    Me, too, and not just for multiple lanes. This sounds like a silly and obtrusive rule to no advantage. If you can safely drive behind a crossing pedestrian with good clearance you should be encouraged to do so, it helps move traffic.

  • windsortraveler

    Don’t know the answer, but I know this: the Wynne government has done a LOT of ridiculous things.

  • hwc

    While upgrading these laws arts great for safety. The government turns a blind eye to keep pedestrians safe from cyclists also. They too don’t wait at crossings and ride through people and have a total disregard for signs and rules young and old. We need to include them in the update.

  • Maureen H

    I’m not so sure about that…. not for a divided highway
    For those in the know that I have asked… no one has a factual answer. There is no way they can halt traffic on 4 and 6 lane divided roadways. It is actually ridiculous. Waiting for the Ministry to reply to me.

  • Denis Fairhead

    You are supposed to check for oncoming traffic before opening your door. How would you like to have your door removed via dump truck.Cyclist should be careful

    and not ride so close to parked cars and the drivers behind them need to know that and the cyclist is in their wright to be in the other lane away from parked cars

  • Denis Fairhead

    Cyclist in Ontario are allowed to ride double as long as they don’t overly obstruct traffic

  • Denis Fairhead

    Cyclist are not above the laws and must obey the rules of the road.

  • Denis Fairhead

    You cannot lump cyclist in one bag just as you cannot do the same for car drivers. It is like saying all drivers text while driving.

  • Denis Fairhead

    Where have you ever seen a pedestrian crosswalk crossing multiple lanes with a median that does not have traffic lights.?

  • Tricia

    People are complaining about having to wait a few min for someone to cross the road. What about the parent me who gets a cop at my door telling me my son had bee hit while crossing a street. I think drivers can spare the extra min or two for the safety of people

  • Joe Ting

    The problem with that is when I check my wing mirror, the cyclist could be behind the car out of the sightline of a properly setup wing mirror. If he is going at 30 KPH, that is 3 car lenghts per second.
    However, I know the feeling from the other side, as a car passed so close to my bicycle one time, that I got a friction burn on my elbow from the wing mirror. I didn’t even fall off the bike, but the removed skin was about 1 inch in diameter.
    Of course, there are mad people everywhere. Two weeks ago, I was limping along on the right side of the sidewalk(damaged foot), when i saw a perfectly able-bodied man going about 5 KPH coming up on the same side as I was. I stopped for him to go around me, yet he still stiff-armed me in passing. At least, he didn’t step on my damaged foot!

  • beatles64

    Unfortunately that’s exactly what a lot of them do. And challenge drivers to say something.

  • Irish O’Jay

    What about the jaywalkers I almost hit daily!!! Where are their fines??????????? People crossing at a crosswalk? That’s hilarious, people never use those.

  • Ken

    Don’t know if the rule will be the same as it is here in Alberta, but here you only have to wait until the person reaches the median and is no longer in your lane of traffic. Having just moved from Ontario in 2013 this rule caught me by surprise, but after a while you get used to it. And in the end if it saves even one person from being injured from an inpatient driver (i.e. those that cut just behind the person crossing) then in my view it is worth it.

  • Maureen H

    I’m hoping that’s the case but I have read the bill and it doesn’t specify. So I’m am digging deeper.

  • Maureen H

    Hi Denis… nothing I have read specified with or without traffic lights. Crosswalks are crosswalks. Are you aware of something indicating that it doesn’t include crosswalks at traffic lights? That wouldn’t make any sense actually. Because I’m talking about some of the most dangerous crosswalks I know of that all have lights… but are divided. Yet people still turn into the heels of pedestrians.

  • Ken

    Yes the provincial governments are quite good at leaving grey area for interpretation. To clarify it for myself I simply went up to a parked police cruiser and asked the traffic cop what the rules were.

  • Paulita Manubay

    why not put a centre mark on the crosswalk and once the pedestrian steps over that line your free to advance????? of course wintertime its a guessing game .

  • Tony Le

    Carolyn, Try to do a right turn on corner of Dundas and Spadina. Please note: you can not turn right on the Red light. With the amount of pedestrians and wait for them to cleared, you probably stay there all day. Any suggestions.

  • Maureen H

    And what was their response?

  • hwc

    Agreed. Unfortunately enforcement is the issue. Nobody does it. To the police it’s a waste of time chasing child or people when there are more critical laws to enforce. Lack of manpower. And parents and citizens yelling. “Why can’t you go after the real bad guys”. Not something petty like this law till some creates an accident and someone dies?

  • BlackFemale

    The rule that states you must stay minimum 1m away from cyclists is horrible. This will be a cash grab for the cops for sure. Try to do that downtown. Oh I forgot….they don’t want cars downtown! They might as well just ban vehicles from the downtown core.

    The other new rules are pretty good though!

  • Don W

    This law is ambiguous. What exactly is meant by the ‘other side of the street/road’? The opposite sidewalk or the opposite half of the road (i.e. the right ‘side’ of the road as opposed to the left ‘side’).

  • Tara Dharmarajan

    Have you seen residents in Scarborough and Toronto crossing the roads at crosswalk. They walk so slowly and forever… Which definitely causes stress to drivers. If drivers respect pedestrians then pedestrians must be considerate as well.

  • Phil Bigeau

    gold mine for insurance company

  • Tyler Carnegie

    If cars are parked on the right side of the road, and a cyclist moves 1 meter to the left, he would essentially be in the middle of the road impeding traffic, or could be hit by a moving car driving in their lane. It’s up to the parked car to check for cyclists before opening the door.

  • rdrake

    First time this happens to us we’re back in BC.

  • RC

    how about cyclists, shouldmy theRe be a law for them to keep a metre away from cars when they try and sneak in to the curb side of the road next to you?

  • Mar

    Waist of a post without providing an answer??

  • Wendy Cladman

    It’s for school crossings and cross walks, not regular intersections. Try to read it again.

  • Robert Van Horne

    I read that Wendy and you are right! But even at that, anywhere I’ve been with those type of crosswalks, there is a person standing with a sign to stop you, so it’s still a stupid rule! and if there are others out there who are acting in such a manor to cause this law to come into effect, should be considered the same as a person with a weapon and be treated as a dangerous offender! A person hunting out of season, will lose their privileges to hunt and possibly lose all possessions, when it comes to the safety of our children, an offender should be considered the same!

  • Philip Hui

    Why Liberal still got elected by Ontarian??

  • Robert Van Horne

    I agree with you Tara, I’ve had numerous times, pedestrians play with traffic because they know there is no law that will touch a pedestrian and they have the right of passage. Some pedestrians see it as a form of control power and they abuse It!

  • Robert Van Horne

    Don, you like others have a very valid point, as with busses we are expected to stop in both directions, that’s law, except if its a divided roadway with a median. Does the same rules apply?

  • Cynthia Ryan

    What about fining the cyclist who thinks they don’t have to stop at a red light
    Alot of them slow down ,look and then proceed to go through Red lights
    They want us to respect them yet if I go through that red light I get a ticket
    Just sayin. ….

  • Erick Medina

    What about the cyclists that uses the crosswalks or crossing the intersections on their bikes, they should get off their bikes and walk with them if they want to use the crosswalk or pedestrian lanes. They’re not bike lanes.
    What if by accident you hit them while they’re crossing the streets using the crosswalks and pedestrian lanes riding their bikes, who’s at fault here? I think these cyclists will lose their case as they’re not pedestrians, they’re cyclists. Any thoughts on these. Please make your input or point out your opinions. Thanks.

  • Erick Medina

    They’re talking about school crossings and crosswalks only. It doesn’t apply on every intersections.

  • nomadxx

    All the money the Ontario Liberals will collect from these fines will still not be enough to pay for their numerous scandals. These LIBERAL SCANDALS will still have to be paid by the taxpayers.

  • Donna

    Is it really that bad to wait at a crosswalk for a child or an elderly person to cross the road. Yes they may doddle or be slow so how about we be patient. No one & I mean no one wants any family to get a knock on their door because a loved one has been injured or killed just because a driver was too impatient to wait whether it be a minute or 5 minutes. This law is not for every street corner with lights it is for crosswalks which most are for getting children safely across the street to/from school.

  • Maureen H

    I don’t agree. I believe your interpretation is incorrect and perhaps you can read it again. Even at main intersections with lights they are called crosswalks. And knowing where I live there are just as many or more pedestrians being hit at main intersection crosswalks as any other. It does not specify that crosswalks at lights are excluded and I think that would be stupid for doing that anyway as I said. There are frequently drivers turning on the heels of pedestrians at crosswalks with traffic lights. So I will wait to have the Ministry interpret it and clarify it for me in writing.

  • Claude

    First, you never told us what the cop said. Second, most cops don’t know the rules anyway.

  • tormtl

    What are you talking about “no advantage” this will bring a lot of revenue for the government, that’s the advantage.

  • tormtl

    and the majority of idiots in Ontario voted for her.

  • Sean

    Why don’t we start charging a fee for cyclists, after all they use the roads we pay for through gas taxes, annual stic0ker fees. Why shouldn’t they have to display a plate and sticker and pay a fee.

  • BuckDSystem

    When I see pedestrians crossing on a crosswalk, I can tell who is a car owner and who is not. The non car owners like to stick to the drivers,and saunter across , while the car owners hurry up and get on with it, and let the rest of the world get back to doing whatever is was they were doing.

  • BuckDSystem

    The traffic ticket fighting agencies are dancing in the street on this one.

  • Bora Bora

    HELL NO! Drive sensibly and you have nothing to fear!

  • Bora Bora

    Does that term also describe Ontario drivers?

  • Bora Bora

    Reminds me of 1974 when i moved here from the U.S. There, you could turn right on red lights. Here, you could not! What a surprise for me. Luckily, I learned fast before I got a ticket!

  • Bora Bora

    Get a load of those couriers who think they are Evel Knievel!

  • Bora Bora

    Irate driver behind me? That is when my middle finger comes out!

  • Bora Bora

    Scandals aside, the guilty are the only ones who need to pay. The rest of us can relax and drive fearlessly.

  • Bora Bora

    Because they have no class. Throw the Liberals out!

  • Bora Bora

    Must be the polluted fog from Detroit that makes them lethargic!

  • Bora Bora

    You do know two-wheelers are lighter and need less distance to stop, as opposed to a 3000 lb behemoth?

  • Bora Bora

    Their fine, er, reward is 6 feet under!

  • ray

    People listen ok when you got your drivers license it states you must remain stop until the person is off the road so a cop can fine you if he want to if you don’t follow the traffic laws that’s anywhere in Canada

  • Ron K Dobson

    Stopped by OPP last Friday on highway 15. I had been following someone (TEXTING or Drunk – for 10 minutes) @ 70 Kms. When safe passing permitted, speeded up over 80 Kms (frustrated to 110 Kms & quickly down to 90 KMS) given ticket & 4 points. Was told by the 2 OPP Officier’s STOPPING ME, there is no provision in Highway Traffic Act to allow speeding in passing over the posted limit????????? (Posted Limit –> 80 KMS) End result, big fine – $220.00 & (count them) 4 DEMERIT POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been driving over 50 years, never lost DEMERIT POINTS before. Now, the LOSER (“no win” government) and the ALREADY (super rich) Insurance companies are ‘singin’ & ‘smilin’!!

  • Megan Borkow

    wait until they are on the walkway with both feet… that is what i am doing since 1987, just in case they drop something and they have to come back…yes..better safe than sorry… stop rushing, i am sick and tired of these new or old with new attitude “bullies” drivers!

  • David Miles

    How bout higher fines and more enforcement against cyclists who run stop signs and stop lights. That goes for electric motorbikes too! They seem to think the Highway Traffic Act dosen’t apply to them.

  • Kevin Mckenzie

    It is for crosswalks with amber flashing timed lights not traffic signal red amber green style lighted intersections as well it also applys to stop signed crosswalks already asked the ministry and local cops

  • David Miles

    You got that right. Don’t drive like a moron who thinks he’s the only one in the world on the road.

  • David Miles

    I would give a big thumbs up on that assumption. They drive too close on an allready clogged up passing lane on our major hightways. They tailgate. The pull up behind you in the slow lanes and sit there. You speed up, they speed up. That really pisses me off. GO AROUND ME!

  • Brandy

    I’d like to know how broad of a spectrum is the driving while drugged? What exactly does it mean? Is it only illegal drugs, or does it include aspirins, statins and vitamins too?

  • sapper

    Does tow Trucks mean, going to an accident or just towing a broken down vehicle with their lights on? What applies?

  • wayne

    If the laws were made for all people why is it that two groups of people are on a roadway one needs both licences and insurance and the other do not need either licence or insurane who do I sue for cutting me off on a bike and causing a accident The roads were made to drive on if the Government have a problem with bikes on the road there are two ways to look at this either you put in a bike lane or have anyone riding on a roadway should have a licence and insurance,the same way as people driving a vehicle on a roadway.Equal rights for all
    an when they do not have any licences or any insurane do I sue all the insurance,s companys or do I sue the government who make these rules of the roads .How do I proceed in my law suites.

  • mikeIH

    A good rule to go by – if it impairs your driving, don’t take it.

  • Tim Grover

    Good luck going through any intersection in Niagara Falls anytime in the summer. People are always crossing all the time everywhere. If you ever get to an intersection on Canada Day, you may proceed on Sept. 8th, with the other 12,000,000,000 vehicles stuck in the jam

  • dobyblue

    When you’re in a median you are no longer deemed to be in the middle of the crossing.

  • rdrake

    Time for a revolution!

  • Nenad

    Yet, is there any responsibility for lazy slow-crossing pedestrians intended to keep drivers waiting more than necessary. They often do that intentionally.
    Also, what about the drivers that enjoy forcing machines by pressing pedal to the metal (especially motto cyclists) generating such a noise, even evenings and in the middle of the night. They think they are attractive doing that. In fact, everybody can do that. If they want to be “special ones” they’d better try to become engineers, scientists singers etc. But this is too much effort to someone’s. It is easier to touch peoples nerves.

  • Brandy

    You’re talking common sense, I’m asking how big of a blanket does this new law cover? Prescription drugs are still drugs, so are antihistamines and aspirins.

  • 1Max

    what a bunch of morons when pedestrians cross a multiple lane road u wait for him/her to reach and get on median or other side of roads with no medium. Also you morons don’t have a clue why you have to wait till a pedestrian needs to get to other side before proceeding, its because if you go as soon as the pedestrian gets past your car on a double lane there might be an idiot beside you that cant see the pedestrian and if he sees you go he will also go and hit the pedestrian. you idiots need to smarten up and obey the rules or turn in your licenses

  • 1Max

    I have never seen such a bunch of morons, The rule is quite clear. there is no mention of lights or crosswalks because it applies to all even when there are lights and crosswalks with or without crossing guards

  • 1Max

    all you whiners are usually the ones breaking the law and now there are more laws for you to break

  • Paulette

    I think they need to fine pedestrians for crossing on red and holding up traffic. They often start crossing on yellow and take their sweet time crossing. The electric bikes need to either stay on road like cyclists, not in the middle of the lane, or stay on speed appropriate roads. They also should not be using sidewalks to travel. Cyclists that use the sidewalk need to use horns not just pass without warning. I’ve had to many near accidents. I’ve seen many elderly startled by these cyclists.

  • Bobby

    How about increased fines for texting when you are driving?

  • Linda Douglas

    I understand school crossings. But it is a bit unclear as to what they mean by crosswalk – and intersection or one of those designated crosswalk labeled as such with an overhead sign and a painted grid of lines on the road marking the crosswalk.

  • vanessa

    I have a question ( ok maybe two) about cyclists. If I am stopped at a red light, a few cars back from the light and a cyclist rides up between the cars and the curb to the front of the line, as they often do, do we all have to move over that 3feet to go around him? And again at the next light? And the next light? In busy areas this will cause traffic mayhem!
    What about when a cyclist rides up the center line between two lanes of stopped traffic? Where shall I go then?

  • Gary Oldfield

    Why do they not give noisy motorcycles a ticket, they go passed our home on Victoria rd. and the noise is terrible. They can get quiet mufflers.

  • Kevin

    If the prescription/warning says not to operate heavy equipment/machinery/vehicle/etc. then it’s a good bet it would count. Technically speaking, falling asleep while driving means you were impaired by your tiredness. You can also be impaired by your emotions; ever been ‘fuming mad’ or horribly upset and so teary eyed you could hardly see? You should probably go for a walk, not a drive…

  • Kevin

    It means the side with the chicken…

  • Mark Lgo

    they are actually making it illegal for cyclists to ride across the street on a crosswalk at the same time as the other new rules

  • Ted Wark

    You know, I believe that half of these morons who have a say in the passing of some of our roadway laws have never even driven a vehicle in their lives–they couldn’t have! What has happened is that they have stumbled onto a job where they don’t have to do a damned thing all day except sit around and dream of ways to frustrate drivers and fill those Liberal coffers with cash grab after cash grab!

  • jc

    Look up definitions – cross walk vs cross over, then the impact of a crosswalk with a crossing guard. It’s not a Jedi Mind Trick. Just read the regs. Then slow down and be patient. We will all get home safely that way.

  • Eve Simson

    From what I understand from an article last year, if the pedestrian reaches a median you are safe to go. However, no median you must wait even if the pedestrian is walking away from you.

  • Photone Photography

    They are one of the biggest dangers on the streets.

    a) They don’t signal before they stop. If you don’t live in that area not familiar with the neighbourhood, naturally, you don’t know where the bus stops are. And, you don’t have to. The streetcars stop all of a sudden without any signal or other indication and open the door and people jump off !!!
    Streetcars must signal before they stop and open the doors !!!!

    b) I have seen cases, cars or bicycles having accidents with people getting off the streetcars. Moreover, the tracks cause accidents for bicycles, as well.

    c) They are slow, block the flow of the traffic. Even the major streets are too narrow in Toronto, just one lane in effect, where the cars are parked on the other lane. Most of the time, I see ten cars are lined up behind a street car and the road is empty in front of them.

    NO STREETCARS in Downtown !
    We need an efficient subway system: More room for car traffic, more room for bicycles, more room for public commuters. And, no more danger on the roads.

  • Ron

    I’m 80 and have had my licence since 1951. I can’t remember when you could not turn right at a red light in Ontario. You must always come to a complete stop and proceeding only when not impeding on pedestrians crossing or other vehicles crossing on their green or amber light. Naturally if it is signed that it is forbidden, then you must not.

  • T

    For the fun of it I would print a copy of every federal and provincial law and bring it to court. I would then ask if they would start teaching all the rules to kids in school and continue to neglect teaching them how to grow vegetables or get along with peers. Micromanaging, abysmal, dishonest, unreliable, yellowbellied, greedy, cowards.

  • T

    They have every intention of pushing new infrastructure projects by slowing things down and creating demand. They are given a 1.3% kick back on all new infrastructure projects on top top their now 100k a year despite many issues with officers that are remedied by you the taxpayer. You the tax payer are buying their lawyers for repeated domestic assaults, misconduct, and drunk driving. When they are somehow charged despite a corrupt court (which I have witnessed professionally) they are suspended with pay, and that in itself is a fight. They may have had a hiring freeze, but while everyone else got cuts they got raises. They neglect their primary responsibilities as mandated through the police services act, and I doubt 1 out of 10 ottawa police have read the criminal code or understand insurance. A carleton university professor Davies has covered some of these issues in open letters which were hardly read. I hope people wake up and say something. Common sense should be a requirement for officers moving forward. Personally, I see them doing much more harm than good. I’ve had married cops hit on me while in uniform, and one try to charge me for defending myself accordingly against a known violent offender. They pick on victims because they support standard of living not quality of life. Ottawa police probably haven’t read their responsibilities. What an embarassment of a legal system. We are paying them to rape us? Really!? When is their contract up? After the purchase of their fleet vehicles and all the modifications that ensued they should’ve been kicked out for that stunt. That and once their caught a few times lying under oath they should lose their badge without pay. Especially when it’s for violence or accidents due to their drunk driving. They show up aggressive and in ego mode, and don’t mediate when possible. I’ve seen a few good cops but I have to say the majority are a menace to society. They are picking on traffic because they are trying to wipe out the opp who is a much better police force. Opp saved my life as a child by getting me out of the province and seizing guns, courts sent me back by a forced financial hand, and the new ottawa police didn’t keep those records and ruined my life because I defended myself against someone who had $, but a violent history. They didn’t even listen when they knew they were missing information, and that it was readily available. I refuse to call them peace officers, they are collection agents, unfair ones at that. They don’t even know what protect and serve means anymore. They go around starting shit to justify their existence, and this current force is in bed with some bad guys, and it is not for investigation. Ontario has some of the best police out there, Ottawa on the other hand….micro managers of society that are paid not to ask or think. I hope they start respecting themselves and society as a whole.

  • T

    They are also huge into insurance fraud

  • mike

    On a deserted road, l do not care if they can use the whole lane. But when there is traffic, they should ride in single file and not obstruct the flow of traffic.

  • Vaibhav Kadam

    they still too little. Fines for texting while driving or talking on phone while driving should be increased. For example: Texting while driving CAD 1000 and 5 demerit points.

  • Vaibhav Kadam

    if it is not a cash grab then what it is? Are any rules related to pedestrians ever implemented? never. Are there any rules for cyclist? None. The rules are imposed only on motorist, who have license to drive on roadway and pay insurance. The cyclist never heed to any laws. i have seen numerous times, cyclist won’t even stop at a STOP sign, they will come up from behind on your side or in between stopped vehicles.
    I agree with rule for crosswalk near schools. but for everywhere else if the government is so concerned about the safety of pedestrians, why don’t they build walkover bridges and leave the road for the motorist.

  • mike

    l think that Danny is just trying to justify his lack of respect for the rules of the road. l like a lot of comments you and Bora bora have made. You 2 must either be professional drivers, or just have a lot of driving experience.

  • mike

    You speed up, they speed up, cure? Do not speed up, do not encourage bad behaviour. lnstead, encourage them to pass. Tailgating makes no sense. So, instead of tailgating, they should try using the passing lane, that’s what it’s for.

  • yvette Brown

    That is the conclusion I got too. 100% correct