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New Road Rules 2016 – What’s New On The Road?

January 5, 2016

What’s New On The Road?When the clock hit midnight signalling the start of 2016, some new road rules, fines, and fees kicked in as well. See what’s new on the road for drivers in Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec.

Ontario: Driving with winter tires? Make sure you’re getting the winter tire discount.

As of January 1, Ontario auto insurance companies must offer a discount to motorists who install four winter tires. The amount of the discount was not specified, but prior to it being required by the province the discount typically came in at about five per cent.

Ontario: New rules at pedestrian crossovers and school crossings

Drivers and cyclists must stop and yield the whole roadway at pedestrian crossovers, school crossings, and any location where a school crossing guard is present.

Drivers who fail to comply could face a fine of $150 to $500 and three demerit points. The penalty may be doubled in designated Community Safety Zones.

Alberta: Penalties for distracted driving given more bite

Drivers caught driving distracted in Alberta will face a fine of $287 with three demerit points. The distracted driving law in Alberta restricts drivers from using hand-held cell phones, texting or emailing (even when stopped at a red light), reading printed material, as well as personal grooming when behind the wheel.

Quebec: Renewing your driver’s licence will be cheaper

The cost to renew a driver’s licence and vehicle registration has decreased in Quebec. The SAAQ has reduced the insurance contribution portion of the driver’s licence and vehicle registration fees, which could save many drivers about $65.

Quebec: What’s under your hood could cost you more

Vehicle registration fees may have decreased, but drivers of cars with a lot of power under the hood will be subject to an additional registration fee. The fees vary depending on the cylinder displacement (in litres) but range from $35.50 up to $376. The reason behind the additional registration fee is to “reinforce the goal of reducing pollutants emitted by vehicles and greenhouse gases.”

In with the new, out with the old

It’s early in the year, but there are already changes afoot for drivers; from discounts in car insurance rates, to lower fees, new traffic rules, and fines. Chances are it’s just the beginning, and InsuranceHotline.com will do its best to keep you up-to-date on what’s new on the roads where you drive.

  • v_forever

    And if you live in ONTARIO you are getting badly screwed with out a kiss from the QUEER LADY.

  • DjGhost Avoxo Ssp

    I fuckin hate this pockect draining tax system

  • Brian

    The new law has created lots of confusion. I see vehicles waiting two lights to make a left hand turn because they are waiting for the pedestrians to complete their walk across the intersection. The law should state that for roads with a median vehicles can turn once pedestrians reach the median. Also left turns are taking longer I realise that this is for safety but gridlock is going to be the norm with theses new rules.

  • JC113

    I put 4 Cooper Discoverer A/Tw “All Weather” tires on my truck…called my insurance agent about the discount and apparently these tires don’t qualify as the insurance company stipulates that the tires must be installed in the fall/early winter AND REMOVED in the spring…even though these Coopers carry the mountain/snowflake logo…and get very good reviews….I know I’m impressed with them…

  • Bethany

    Because I told the insurance company that I had thrown out my summer tires when they asked about them, they told me because I don’t have all year tires available, i do not get the discount! Well $#$&^&%^& YOU. I have to remember, they are a useless Insurance company after all. Against the law if you don’t have coverage, but financially screwed if you do!

  • peter7260

    But that is not all.Pedestrians cross on do not walk lights.Who has the right of way in this case?Does police fines those pedestrians who are breaking my right of way?On Dixie and Queen St.Brampton the cross walk is one of the widest.I can never complete my right or left turn ever by the time a pedestrian completes his/her crossing. Who was this city servant who came up with such idiotic law?

  • Frank Marra

    seems simple enough, crossings with flashing amber lights(crosswalks) and crossing guards only, was confused myself until I read the article

  • #lied2again

    Quel suprize… A insurance company making up their own rules to screw the taxpayer, whoz already getting screwed by ” liberal promises” that aren’t being followed up the minute the rates were supposed 2 drop jan 2nd 2016 ,
    I didn’t vote 4 them so i shouldn’t be held accountable 4 their fcukup’s & overspending.