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Ontario’s $30 Drive Clean Testing Fee Scrapped

March 21, 2017

Ontario’s $30 Drive Clean Testing Fee ScrappedIt costs a lot to drive a car in Ontario. There’s auto insurance, regular maintenance, and gasoline to name just a few expenses. This spring however, there’s one less expense you’ll have to pay for when it’s time to renew your vehicle’s registration: the fee for the Drive Clean emissions test you’ll need if your vehicle is seven years or older.

As of April 1, 2017 you’ll no longer have to pay the $30 fee for your Drive Clean emissions test. Instead, the province will cover the cost, but just for the first one. If your vehicle fails the initial emissions test, you’ll have to pay for the repairs needed to ensure your vehicle meets the province’s emissions standards, as well as the fees for the re-test.

Drivers of heavy-duty vehicles still have to pay for the test. The fee is only waived for drivers of cars, vans, SUVs and light-duty vehicles (those with a gross vehicle weight rating of 4,500 kg or less).

How will you know if you need an emissions test?

Once your vehicle is seven years old, you’ll be notified by the province that it’s time for a Drive Clean test; you’ll see an asterisk (*) on the notice form that the Ministry of Transportation sends you when it’s time to renew your registration.

Ontario’s $30 Drive Clean Testing Fee Scrapped

How often are Drive Clean tests required?

According to the province’s Drive Clean website, the emissions test is required every two years once a vehicle is 7 model years old. This applies to most light-duty vehicles, including cars, vans, SUVs, and light-duty trucks. However, heavy-duty vehicles (those weighing more than 4,500 kg) are tested on an annual basis.

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  • Robert Gerus

    Just a ministry cash grab, ever see a diesel truck or bus spewing out all that black smoke and you wonder “what the hell” is going on with diesel. My car is old but it don’t smoke like that, in fact it don’t smoke at all, but to a mechanic money in the bank, because of drive clean, BS and now carbon tax all thanks to the liberal government.

  • John

    People open your eyes
    $30 drive clean isn’t scrapped it was differed to the sticker fee. Going from 90 to 120 per year . so that means we pay the drive clean yearly now. Get it folks .

  • John

    $30 drive clean isn’t scrapped we pay it on the increase of the sticker that went from 90 to $120 per year. Get it