Knowing what your home insurance policy does — and does not — cover can make a world of difference in terms of how you'll end up dealing with a potentially difficult situation. So go ahead and test your knowledge by taking our quick and easy quiz...

Most current car models have built-in safety features, but do you know what they are or how they work? What's more, did you know that driving a safer vehicle could mean lower insurance rates?

When it comes to picking a car, safety is usually pretty high up on the list of requirements for consumers. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the following 11 new car models made it to the top of the list in their respective categories (based on the 2008 vehicle make):

Your most precious cargo requires extra safety steps. When driving with infants or young children in your vehicle, you'll want to make sure you administer the following safety practices that many parents don't always consider:

NONE FEBRUARY 04, 2009 The Insider - February 2009
In February 2009's Insider, you'll find "¦ Six car safety features that can save you money: Does your car have these insurance cost-saving features? Top 11 safe car picks: These safe car models could help lower your insurance costs. Keeping your kids...

With the auto industry rapidly changing, and many automakers finally going the hybrid route, lots of drivers are opting to keep their current vehicle for one more year to see what 2010 will have in store. If you're part of the growing trend of people holding out for a 2010 car purchase, know that you can make it a good year for your current ride and your insurance rate via the following maintenance and efficiency tips: