In January 2009's Insider, you'll find Introduction: Face the economic downturn - and come out winning Lower your rate and save: Get a lower rate and these seven car items for free in exchange! Canadian International Auto Show: Despite being in the "Ëœred,'...

You've packed your bags, booked time off work, and are ready to hop in the car and travel to spend time with friends and family for the holidays. But have you ever wondered if your car insurance will protect you out of province?

In the thick of holiday festivities, your safety is probably the last thing on your mind, but you should be aware of several risks unique to this time of the year. Check out our list of tips below on how to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property this holiday season.

Introduction: Welcome to the December 2008 edition of the Insider newsletter.With the holidays fast approaching, most of us are pre-occupied with shopping, parties and travel. Since you're already browsing for presents, why not give yourself the gift of the best deal on your car insurance? quickly...

With winter fast approaching, is your car ready for the cold? Follow these seven steps to help your vehicle tackle the elements and to keep you safe this coming winter season.

Will you be ready for anything on the road this winter? It's a good idea to stock your trunk with a winter driving emergency kit, just in case your car stalls. You can buy a car emergency kit at most stores that sell automotive products, but if you want to make one yourself, or enhance one you've already bought, here's what you'll need:

How prepared are you to get behind the wheel this winter? Check out these nine tips on playing it safe and smart on the road this season.