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Ontario Auto Insurance Changes Effective September 1, 2010

If you are an Ontario driver, you should have already received a second

notice in the mail from your insurance company highlighting the

important changes that are being made to your auto insurance policy. If

you haven't received any communications or information from your

insurance company, call your agent or broker. ... read more


Auto And Home Insurance While Away For School

With September just around the corner and school just about to start, the rituals of preparing our children for being away from home for university or college begin with compiling a checklist of things to do before the school year starts; one item that most of us overlook is insurance. Your main question should be, "how will my child be protected while away from home, and what can I do to help?" ... read more

Purchasing Insurance - Checklist Of Items You May Need

Whether you have just purchased a new car or are simply switching insurance companies, purchasing auto insurance requires that you have a variety of documents on hand. To ensure you get through the application process easily and efficiently, we have put together a simple checklist of what you need, so you are well prepared. ... read more


"My son is going away to university and will only be driving the car when home for holidays. Should I remove him as an occasional driver from my insurance policy?"

Click here to read the answer.

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Did you know that your vehicle isn't always "repairable" after an accident?

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