Calling 911

emergency 911-min.jpg

Ever wondered what you're supposed to do if you find

yourself at the scene of an accident after 911 has already been alerted?

Call 911 Back! Regardless of whether 911 have already been called by someone else, the person at the scene with the victim must also stay on the phone with the 911 operator.

You need to communicate the victim's status to the operator and describe, in detail, exactly what you see.

The 911 operator is fully equipped to advise you on what to do. The operator will talk you through how to administer CPR and, if necessary, how to check for a pulse, stop bleeding, etc.

The operator will also assess the situation and inform you if you may be in danger as a result of the accident, i.e., carbon monoxide poisoning.

Furthermore, if the ambulance has difficulty finding your location, it's important to stay on the line with the operator should he need further help with directions.