Canada Day Trivia, How Did You Score?


  1. Canada is a bilingual country, yet there is only one officially bilingual province. Name it.New Brunswick (source: The Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages For New Brunswick)
  2. What year was the "loonie" introduced?1987 and give yourself an extra point if you knew it has an eleven-sided shape. (source: Royal Canadian Mint)
  3. What year was the "toonie" introduced?1996. (source: Royal Canadian Mint) Plus, if you ever visit Panama, you'll notice that their one dollar coin (the Balboa) looks a whole lot like our toonie. That's because it was produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.
  4. How many times zones are there across Canada?6 (source: Citizenship & Immigration Canada)
  5. Which province is the country’s largest producer of maple syrup?Quebec (source: Citizenship & Immigration Canada)
  6. What year did Newfoundland’s name officially change to include Labrador?2001 (source: Citizenship & Immigration Canada)
  7. Name the two national sports of Canada.Ice hockey, the official winter sport and lacrosse, the official summer sport. (source: National Sports of Canada Act)
  8. True or false: Canadian forests account for nine per cent of all forest coverage worldwide. True (source: Natural Resources Canada)
  9. The world’s first UFO landing pad is in this province. (Build it and they will come?) Name the province. Bonus points if you know the town's name too!St. Paul, Alberta
  10. How many Olympics has Canada hosted?Three: Montreal (1976), Calgary (1988) and Vancouver (2010).

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