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All About Traffic Tickets

When you drive it is important to always follow the rules of the road to avoid getting a traffic ticket. A ticket is a form of punishment for disobeying the rules of the road usually resulting in a fine. There are five common things people receive tickets for.

Speeding is one of the most common tickets that is handed out. It is important to always stay at the speed limit to avoid being pulled over for speeding. Depending on how many km/miles per hour over the speed limit you are going, you will receive a fine. The amount of that fine depends on the amount over the speed limit that you are travelling.

Not stopping at stop signs is another common mistake that people make. It may seem quicker and easier to just to roll through a stop sign but it is important to make sure that your vehicle comes to a complete stop. If not, you may be looking at a fine.

Seatbelts are important and can help save lives. Too many tickets are written for this every year.

Improper turning is another ticket that you may receive and is one of the top five most common tickets handed out. It is easy to forget to turn on your turn signal or signal where you are going but if you do, you may see a fine.

Reckless driving is not only dangerous but you will receive a ticket for it. Many people do not consider themselves being reckless or do not think about it when they are doing it and it can be a serious ticket. Make sure that you are always being safe and following the rules of the road without putting anyone else in harm’s way.

Demerit points are points that are assigned to your license after you receive a traffic ticket or violation. The amount of demerit points will depend exactly on what you were doing. Each violation carries a different amount of demerit points. As you start to accumulate demerit points on your license, it can have a negative effect on you.

There are certain violations which will earn you demerit points and all five of the common tickets could earn demerit points. If you receive too many demerit points, your license will be suspended.

Tickets can affect your insurance and also cause your insurance rates to rise. Many times, insurance companies will raise the rates and premium on a policy when a driver starts to receive tickets. The number of tickets that you receive will make a difference in the amount you pay for insurance.

Insurance companies are the ones who decide whether or not they want to raise your rates. It is possible to receive one minor ticket and your rates not go up, but that does not mean that every insurance company is the same. Things like parking tickets do not affect your insurance as they are not moving violations and do not add any demerit points to your license.

It is important to make sure that you are following the rules of the road because demerit points will sit on your license for a few years meaning that anyone who looks into your driving record can see them. The ticket itself will cost you money and then if your insurance rates go up you are paying more money as well. Not obeying the rules of the road can cost you financially.

After you receive a ticket it is important to make sure that you note the day that you are supposed to pay the ticket. Failure to pay a traffic ticket can result in a court date or even higher fees. Tickets are included in your driving record. If the insurance company pulls your report they will see your tickets. If you are worried about a rate increase then you call your insurance professional and they will be able to let you know if it looks like there will be any.

Remembering to always follow the rules of the road is important. If you do receive a ticket, make sure to make an example out of it and remember that you must always follow the law. If you find yourself not following the law then you will end up with high insurance rates and even a suspended license.

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