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Welcome to the December 2008 edition of the Insider newsletter.

With the holidays fast approaching, most of us are pre-occupied with shopping, parties and travel. Since you're already browsing for presents, why not give yourself the gift of the best deal on your car insurance? quickly and easily helps you find the lowest rate available from over 30 top Canadian insurance companies.

Traveling out of the province? Check out our story on what you need to know about what your policy covers. And no matter what your holiday plans, make sure you protect yourself with our seasonal safety tips.

Get The Best Deal On Car Insurance

'Tis the season for shopping, deals, and savings, but what kind of deal are you getting on car insurance?

Just as you're checking out the sales on flat-screen TVs, cars, furniture and other big-ticket items, you should also be on the lookout for savings available on car insurance. could help you save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in minutes and at not cost to you. Now wouldn't that really make your holiday?

You're already comparison shopping to save money on holiday gifts - why not do the same for car insurance? The advantage is that does all the shopping for you from the comfort of your home. shops among more than 30 insurance companies and finds your three lowest car insurance rates. Using's one-stop shopping service could be your most rewarding shopping experience this season.

Have you ever had your insurance policy renewal sneak up on you, leaving you rushed without time to shop around for the best deal? Try our new Renewal Reminder Service. Just like the flyers you receive telling you about big upcoming sales, Renewal Reminder lets you know when it's your time to start shopping for a better rate on car insurance. The savviest shoppers plan ahead - when it comes to smart car insurance shopping, Renewal Reminder is your best edge.

Did you know you may be able to get an even better deal on car insurance before your current policy expires? You may be thinking, what about my cancellation penalty? If your new rate is low enough, the savings you'll gain could be worth making the switch. And don't worry about your car insurance company finding out that you're getting quotes from other companies; your search is private and your current insurer will never know. No matter what, your car insurance provider can't penalize you for shopping around.

Remember, bargain hunting for car insurance is easy and fast with, and it's also free - what holiday shopper doesn't love that word?

Holiday Safety Tips

In the thick of holiday festivities, your safety is probably the last thing on your mind, but you should be aware of several risks unique to this time of the year. Check out our list of tips below on how to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property this holiday season.

Shop safely. When shopping, lock your car doors, close your windows and activate your car alarm or anti-theft device when not in your car. Don't have an anti-theft device? Consider getting one - not only can it help prevent your car from being stolen but it may get you a discount on your car insurance.

Use credit card smarts. Keep a record of your credit card numbers in a safe place at home. If your card has been lost or stolen, immediately alert the credit card issuer. And did you know your home insurance may cover the costs of any credit card purchases made as a result of theft? Check your policy or ask your insurance broker or agent for details.

Travel wisely. If you're traveling over the holidays, make sure to take the following precautions with respect to your home:

  • Ask a neighbour or family member to watch your home and collect your mail, newspaper and flyers
  • Use lights on automatic timers, and consider leaving on a TV or radio to make your home seem occupied
  • Consider how long you'll be away - most home insurance policies cover vacant homes for a certain period of time, especially in winter

Check your policy or find out more from your broker or agent.

Be a good host. If you're hosting a party this holiday season, you could be held responsible if a guest injures themselves while at your home - and your home insurance policy may not protect you. Here's what you should know:

  • Ensure your home is free of hazards that could endanger your guests
  • Have non-alcoholic or low-alcohol drinks on hand
  • Serve food throughout the party to help guests slow their alcohol absorption
  • Help impaired guests find a safe way home or have them stay the night

As you're preparing for the holidays, here's something else you could celebrate - cheaper car insurance! is your gateway to getting the lowest rate available from more than 30 top Canadian insurance providers. Give it a try - it's a fast, easy and free tool to ensure you get the best savings on car insurance.

Car Insurance Tips For Holiday Travelers

You've packed your bags, booked time off work, and are ready to hop in the car and travel to spend time with friends and family for the holidays. But have you ever wondered if your car insurance will protect you out of province?

The good news is that your current policy and coverage protects you when driving across Canada and the continental U.S.

What if you're planning to rent a car? Depending upon the coverage that you have on your existing policy, you may not need to purchase coverage for loss or damage to a rental vehicle from the rental agency. Before you make that decision, be sure to speak to your broker or agent about your current policy. The specific name of the coverage varies from province to province. In Ontario this coverage or "Ëœendorsement' is called an OPCF 27 and in some other provinces it is called an SEF 27. This coverage provides protection from $25,000 to $50,000 for damage to a rental vehicle, and applies not only to you, but to all the drivers listed on your policy.

Another way you may be able to access rental car insurance is through your credit card. Some credit card companies offer this coverage as a benefit for its users. Check your cardholder agreement for full details.

While you're checking the details of your car insurance coverage, why not also make sure you're paying the lowest rate available? instantly searches for the lowest insurance rates from more than 30 of Canada's top insurance companies for free.

Quote Unquote

Q)If my holiday gift purchases are stolen from my car, am I covered? A)Yes. If you have homeowner, condo or tenant insurance, your purchases will be covered. Except for items that are part of your vehicle, such as your CD player, all personal property is covered under your home insurance policy. To help prevent such theft, store your purchases out of sight in your locked trunk.