Did You Know? - July 22, 2009

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Do you know where

insurance companies store your insurance records?

Canada's largest database of automobile policy and claims

information, CGI, contains approximately 40 million policy records and 30 million claims,

spanning more than 15 years. This database, called "AutoPlus," allows insurers

to access detailed and up-to-date personal automobile and claims information.

As a consumer, can you

obtain a copy of your insurance records?

Yes, you can, by filling out a "Consumer AutoPlus Request

Form" and sending it to CGI for processing. You can access this form at InsuranceHotline.com. You should

receive a copy of your report within 10 business days of CGI receiving your

request. The report looks at a 12-month period and will be provided to you at

no cost.

What can you do if you

don't agree with the information on your report?

If you don't agree with the information on your AutoPlus

report, you can contact the complaints officer/ombudsman of the insurance company

that originally provided the data and they will direct you as to what steps

you'll need to take to get it amended or corrected.