Did You Know? - March 2011

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Did you know that even if you have an active insurance policy, but can't produce a valid insurance liability card when stopped by the police, you can be charged?

It's true: Even if you're not the owner of the car, a police officer can charge you, the operator or driver, with the offence of failing to surrender evidence of insurance. In Ontario, the fine for failing to surrender an insurance card is $65.After speaking to the driver, the police officer may contact the owner of the vehicle (if that's not you) in order to investigate whether or not there is insurance coverage on it. If you are charged with the offence of failing to surrender an insurance card, know that most court prosecutors may cancel the ticket if you appear at court with a copy of the valid insurance. To save yourself potential aggravation, keep a copy of your pink liability card in your glove compartment at all times. This way, even if you lend your car to a friend or family member, the driver will be able to provide proof of insurance.