Did You Know? - Vol. 12.18

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Did you know that texting while driving is the number one driving pet peeve?

InsuranceHotline.com surveyed Canadians on their top driving pet peeve and it appears that texting while driving is the biggest pet peeve of Canadian drivers! What's encouraging is that almost 90% of drivers in Canada say that they have not practiced this very dangerous behaviour within the past three months.

Drivers were also surveyed on their own bad habits behind the wheel. Here are some interesting facts:

  • On average, according to self-reported data, Ontarians speed more than Canadians (64% versus 56%), and they are the least offended by other speeders;
  • Texting while driving is the #1 pet peeve in Ontario with almost 50% of respondents indicating that this is among their greatest annoyances while driving. Interestingly, 16% of Ontarians admitted to texting while driving;
  • 25% of women claim they have not done any of these bad driving behaviours in the past three months, as opposed to 14% of men who claim to be innocent of all dozen bad habits in the survey.

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