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Did you know that you shouldn’t admit fault even if you believe you caused an accident? Yes. In fact, even if you think you’re at fault, the law may say otherwise. You may not have all the knowledge to make… Read more »
FSCO’s Rate Approval Process Did you know that Ontario auto insurance companies must submit proposed changes to their rates to The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) for approval? They must provide the supporting actuarial data. FSCO and its actuaries… Read more »
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Usage-based car insurance in CanadaIt's true! It has been in the news lately that some insurance companies offer a discount on your car insurance if you volunteer to install a piece of technology in your vehicle. It is being referred to as Usage Based Insurance... Read more »
Credit Cards Travel InsuranceDid you know that many credit cards come with travel insurance protection? YES, it's true! If you're travelling this Thanksgiving Holiday, know your options for the best protection and security. Many travel rewards credit cards offer insurance protection for trips that you book using that card. Read more »
Did you know that you can protect your new car for 5 years? Yes, it’s true. Some insurance companies offer 5-year New Vehicle Protection. By purchasing this coverage, you will protect yourself against the depreciation of your vehicle for up… Read more »
You bought that brand new car, and had an accident not long after. Now you are facing getting a settlement from the insurance company that won’t allow you to replace it with the same brand new car. It doesn’t have… Read more »
Did you know that minor tickets affecting your insurance premium is not permanent? Yes it’s true. After 3 years from the date of the conviction (not the date that you obtained the ticket) the minor tickets which affect your insurance… Read more »