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Here's how to use credit card coverage so you don't waste money on rental car coverage you may not need. Read more »
School's out and the Kids Are Home for the SummerWith a bag full of laundry, many university and college students have returned home for the summer. With their return, comes a few housekeeping items (other than laundry) that need to be revisited. Read more »
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Cash and credit cardIs your credit card working for you? Most Canadian households average two cards per family, giving you multiple opportunities to earn rewards from everyday purchases and other credit card uses. Read more »
Family going on a tripIn September, it was announced that Toronto Dominion Bank would acquire half of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Canada's Aeroplan account portfolio. This unprecedented deal will result in some 550,000 CIBC Aeroplan cardholders being transferred ... Read more »
Credit Cards Travel InsuranceDid you know that many credit cards come with travel insurance protection? YES, it's true! If you're travelling this Thanksgiving Holiday, know your options for the best protection and security. Many travel rewards credit cards offer insurance protection for trips that you book using that card. Read more »
Everybody knows credit cards come equipped with some kind of insurance coverage, however very few people are fully aware of the insurance perks details and benefits that come along with their... Read more »