The Insider - September 2011


Common Insurance Mistakes

The world of insurance can be a bit complicated and even overwhelming

at times. The variety of policies, mandatory coverage, optional

coverage, and exclusions can make it seem impossible to understand.  Here are some of the most common insurance mistakes that people make. ... read more

The Most Common Traffic Tickets and Their Impact on Your Insurance Rates

Traffic violations are often seen as minor offences, things everyone does now and then that really are not a big deal. While they may be common and far from the worst violation of the law most people can think of, getting a traffic ticket can have a big effect on your insurance rates. The most common traffic tickets are the ones that happen every day; the small things people don’t think about until they are caught – or worse, involved in an accident. The increase in rates you could see from getting a traffic ticket – not to mention the danger of an accident – make these common traffic violations worthy of our attention. ... read more

The Fall Season And Your Motorcycle Insurance

The leaves have begun to turn and the autumn season is now upon us. For motorcycle riders, it's almost time to prepare your bike for a long winter. To keep your bike in top condition, it's important to follow a seasonal maintenance program before you store it for the winter.

Similarly, your insurance policies may need some adjustment for best results as well.  Let's have a look at what the new season means for your bike and your insurance. ... read more




"I was involved in a car accident where I was deemed "not at fault" but

I don’t have collision coverage and there were damages to both

vehicles.  I live in Ontario. Will I have to pay for damages out of


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Did you know that an out of province or out of country speeding ticket

may still show up on your record which may in turn affect your car

insurance rate?

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