The Insider - March 2010

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Why insurance fraud doesn't pay

Believe it or not, insurance fraud costs the insurance industry approximately $3 billion each year. When most people think of insurance fraud, they typically think of organized groups who stage automobile collisions in order to claim medical benefits. There are other types of insurance fraud that are costly to the insurance industry as well, but find out which are costly directly to you. read more


How to cancel your insurance policy

Suppose you have shopped around online and you found a lower rate. Your first thought is likely: "What do I do about my existing policy?" Do you wait for your renewal date or do you cancel your current policy right away to take advantage of the lower rate? ... read more

Is sewer back up covered under your homeowner's policy?

Spring is just around the corner, and with spring comes rain and rapidly melting snow. These events can cause a back up of wastewater in the sewer system, which may find its way into your home, leaving your basement damaged and your possessions ruined. But do you know if your homeowner's policy will protect you in the event of damage caused by sewer backup? ... read more


"I am planning on renting a car for March break. Should I buy the collision damage waiver coverage (CDW) from the rental agency? Will my credit card or my car insurance policy cover any damage?"

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Did you know taking pictures with a handheld device, while on the road, is illegal and could land you a $155 fine under the new distracted driving law?

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