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Despite how you might feel right now, spring is here and motorcycle season will soon be here. If your bike has been parked in storage, you should make sure that you send your bike in for a spring tune up and safety check. Keeping your bike well maintained not only helps you ride safely; it can also extend the life of your vehicle and improve your riding comfort and enjoyment. Read more »
Spring has arrived and you are ready to jump on your bike and head out into the sunshine, but before you get revved up, take a few moments to get your bike prepared. Doing so will extend the life of your bike, and result in a safer ride for you and everyone else on the road. You'll only keep your cheap motorcycle insurance premiums by staying safe and accident free, so starting the season with your bike in peak condition is crucial. After a winter in storage, use this checklist to prepare your bike before you get back on the road! Read more »
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Motorcycle Maintenance

If you own a motorcycle then you will need to make sure you are properly maintaining it and keeping it in good working condition. If you do not keep your bike maintained, you may run into problems over time and your bike may not work properly when you need it to. You could also place yourself in harm’s way by not caring for your bike because an accident may occur. Just like a traditional vehicle, you need to make sure you see a mechanic when your motorcycle is due for oil changes. Simply learning how to check the oil in your motorcycle, the chain on the bike, and the tire pressure, you are on your way to keeping yourself safe and your bike in working condition. If you ever notice any problems with your bike, you should see a mechanic right away.
If you are new to owning a motorcycle, you will want to follow the below tips on things you should check on your motorcycle. Keeping a watchful eye on these things will ensure that your bike stays working.


You should always keep an eye on your tires. The tire pressure is important and you will need to keep a tire pressure gauge on you to measure the pressure. Your tires are important because they will keep you balanced on your bike. If the pressure in your tires is too low or too hot, you run the risk of them popping which poses a risk to you and other drivers.
You will also want to inspect your tires every so often to make sure there is no debris or other objects stuck in the tire. The tread on your tires should be more than 2mm. If it is anything less than this then you need to replace the tires. Bald tires, or tires without tread, can cause an accident.


You will want to keep a watchful eye on your chain as well. The chain needs to stay lubricated so that it can move easily without getting stuck. If you notice that the chain is sticking or is not staying lubricated, make sure to lubricate it.


The reservoirs for your brake fluid should be checked regularly to ensure that you have brake fluid. If you do not have brake fluid, you will not be able to stop your motorcycle. Brake fluid does become less effective over time so you will want to have it changed regularly.
Your brake pads help you stop and when they become worn down, you may find it harder to stop and you may find that your brakes squeal when stopping. If you are in need of new brake pads, head over to your mechanic to get them replaced.


Always check the oil in your motorcycle. This can be done by simply checking the dipstick in the oil reservoir. If you are low on oil, make sure to fill yourself up. If your oil is very dirty, you will want to have it changed right away. Oil is important for your motorcycle and helps it run. Without it, you may burn up your engine.


You will definitely know if you battery stops working because the vehicle will not turn on but you should check your battery often to see how much of a charge it has. This can be done at a local auto store or even a mechanic shop. They will be able to tell you if your battery is holding a charge the way it needs to or if it is almost time to replace it.
When looking at your battery, you should check the chambers of it to make sure there is enough fluid in it. If the fluid is running low, top it off. Not keeping the chambers filled will cause the battery to malfunction and not work properly.

Making sure to keep your motorcycle in working condition is part of being a responsible owner. You can take your vehicle into a mechanic shop every month or so to have it checked out or you can simply check for the above things at home. Maintaining your motorcycle ensures that it will work properly and it also guarantees that you will not become stranded on the side of the road.