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Riding a MotorcycleSpring is on the horizon and when it comes to riding a motorcycle, safety is the number priority. Safety on the road is always an important issue, but for motorcycle riders, it’s even more vital. Riders are more exposed than drivers in a car and at a higher risk of serious injuries or fatalities in an accident. Safety for riders is not just a good idea – it can save lives. It’s also important to note that your driving record... Read more »
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Motorcycle Safety

Part of owning a motorcycle is knowing how to drive it properly. You must know how to stay safe while driving your motorcycle around as this will help you when you are out on the road and around other cars. Accidents can happen any time and if you are prepared, you will know how to react and also control your bike should you be near the collision. If you lose control of your bike, you run the risk of hurting yourself and also damaging our bike so it is important to learn safety measures. Motorcycle safety will help you and you will benefit greatly from taking courses that teach it.

Motorcycle Training Program

The Canada Safety Council offers motorcycle safety courses to individuals who currently own motorcycles. They welcome riders from all walks including amateurs and also professionals. Motorcycle safety is for everyone and anyone can benefit from the course. Preparing yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to safely ride and enjoy your bike is key.

The course goes over many different useful things you should know about your motorcycle. You may or may not already know some of these things and they include:

  • Starting and stopping the engine
  • Emergency techniques
  • Riding tactics
  • Riding in the city and country
  • Balancing
  • Braking safely
  • Lowering and raising your speed
  • Traffic behavior
  • Collision avoidance

All of these courses and training will help prepare you for when you are out on the road and around other vehicles.

Who Teaches the Program?

The program is taught by instructors who are experienced in riding and operating motorcycles. These trainers all have taken courses themselves and have been safely operating their bikes for many years.

The trainers are dedicated to making sure you understand everything about your motorcycle. They are very personable and they will answer any questions you have and they will also show you how to do something if you are not sure. This is a safe and fun learning environment for all participants.

More Information about the Motorcycle Safety Course

This course is great for beginning riders and also other riders who want to brush up on their skills. The course is designed to run rain or shine so that you can experience riding in both types of weather. These skills are very valuable and it is better to try something new in a learning environment than to be out on the road and nervous. The course is a total of twenty hours and will be split up into different learning sections. The course is typically offered at different times depending on where it is being held. You may find that the course is offered on the weekends, during the day, at night, or even during the week. You can choose whichever course running is most convenient for you.

One of the many benefits of this course is that you do not need to already have a motorcycle to take the course. Every single student is provided with a motorcycle to use. The motorcycles are all the same and have been deemed good for new riders.

Passing the course will help you prepare to take the motorcycle driving test upon completion of the course. Some provinces will accept this training as preparation to take the test and others will require that you take additional training so you should check with your local office.

If you do take the course, check with your insurance company because some of them offer discounts to people who have successfully passed the course.

Motorcycle safety training is beneficial for everyone and should be taken especially if you are a beginning rider. The course is designed to teach you how to properly use your motorcycle and how to also properly handle it in different situations. You will be able to get first-hand experience taking these classes and they are all taught by certified instructors.

If you are interested in taking a course on motorcycle safety, you should contact your local driver’s license office to find out what places offer them and when you can take them. The course will help prepare you to be a safe driver on the road.

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