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New and Improved Newsletter Coming Soon We at InsuranceHotline.com are committed to bringing you an informative, entertaining and useful newsletter every month. You will notice the June 2008 edition has a brand new name (InsuranceHotline.com Insider), an improved and enhanced… Read more »
5 Simple Ways to Combat Soaring Gas Prices Does it seem like a distant memory when $30 bought you a full tank of gas? Economists predict gas prices will jump to a staggering $1.40 per litre by this summer. But… Read more »
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Are your monthly bills holding you hostage? Are your monthly insurance bills partly to blame? You can find out exactly how much you can save by answering a few quick questions. Click here.   InsuranceHotline.com instantly quotes over 30 insurance… Read more »
Top 3 Life Lessons   Buy life insurance when you’re healthy: Older people and those not in good health pay significantly higher rates for life insurance – so buy as early as you can.  If you already have life insurance,… Read more »
Have You Seen The World Clock? It’s quite spectacular. With shocking statistics, the site lists over 2,500 fatal car accidents per day!!! http://www.peterrussell.com/Odds/WorldClock.php With almost 3,000 deaths per day related to car accidents, one can only imagine how many injuries… Read more »
Torstar, one of the largest multi-media companies in Canada, has purchased InsuranceHotline.com. Since I started InsuranceHotline.com in 1994, many companies have approached me about selling the business. I declined all prospective buyers as their intentions were to change InsuranceHotline.com from… Read more »
Online Tickets: Tickets are 20% off if purchased online. Print the tickets from your own computer, and you go straight through an express entrance”¦no line ups!!! Click on the link below for your Auto Show tickets: https://secure.e-registernow.com/cgi-bin/mkpayment.cgi?state=81 Automotive Future Here’s… Read more »