The Insider - November 2009

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More rate increases for Ontario drivers

You've no doubt heard through the media lately that automobile insurance premiums in Ontario are on the rise again. Regulators approved an average rate increase of 6.2 per cent and in some cases, insurance companies received approval for an increase of 10 per cent. So what does this mean for you? ... read more

Seven typical deductible scenarios

The deductible is one of the most important options you will select on your car insurance policy. This is because it directly impacts how much your insurance premium will cost and the amount you agree to pay out-of-pocket in the event of a car accident or a claim. Depending on the situation, you may or may not be obligated to pay the deductible ... read more

The consequences of lying to your insurance company

Your insurance company determines how much you'll pay for insurance by assessing the answers you disclose on your auto or home application. And if your insurance company discovers you purposely hid material facts on your application, you can expect to face a host of consequences ... read more


"My child is attending university in another province and has taken one of my cars with her. Will she be covered in the event of an accident?"

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Do you know what factors affect your insurance premiums? In this fourth installment in our series, we look at another key factor, your level of coverage.

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