The Insider - November 2010


Filing An Auto Insurance Claim: Points You Need To Know

Automobile insurance is an item we purchase because we are required by law to have it, but we all hope we'll never have to use it. You may even have opted for higher deductibles to lower your insurance rates. But in the unfortunate case you suffer a loss due to an auto collision, theft or other incident and need to make a claim, is it worth it? Will your rates increase? Here are a few points to consider when filing a claim. ... read more

What Does Your Insurance Policy Cover?

A poll conducted by an insurance company in September 2010 showed that nearly one quarter of Canadians don't know what their insurance policy covers. According to the study, more than half (53%) said they had made a claim on their insurance policy, and of those, 42% said they were surprised by something contained in their policy.

If you have suffered a loss and need to make an insurance claim, this is not a good time to discover what your policy covers-or doesn't cover. Here is an outline of basic home and automobile insurance coverage.

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Could You Pass Your Driver's Test Today?

When you took your driving test, you studied hard, and were confident you knew the answers to any question the examiner could steer in your direction. But now it may have been many years since you passed that test, and some of the rules may have faded in your memory like the dog eared pages of your driver's handbook. So if you had to take your driver's test today, would you pass? How well do you know the new rules of the road"¦or remember the old ones? ... read more


"What happens if I make some modifications to my car? Do I have to let my insurance company know?"

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Did you know most personal automobile insurance policies may not offer sufficient coverage if your vehicle is being used for business?

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