The Insider - October 2009

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Readers' insurance questions and answers

At, we receive many great questions from our readers. This month, we share our top 10 Q & As with you. Topics include at-fault accidents, insuring younger drivers, lending your car, discounts, tips on how to reduce your premium and more ... read more

Common insurance situations - part three

Our third installment in this series looks at another common insurance scenario. You're driving along the highway and a stone flies up and hits your windshield. It starts out as a little line and before you know it, you have a cracked windshield. What should you do? Is it covered by your policy? What is the cost of a repair vs. a replacement? How will it impact your rates? ... read more

Insurance tips for homebuyers

Perhaps you're thinking about buying a home in that older, more established neighbourhood you love. Know that if you're going to have a mortgage on your home, you are going to require home insurance. And also know that insurance companies require that certain upgrades be made on older homes before they will offer coverage ... read more


Quote Unquote

"I am going to Florida for the winter and taking my car with me. Does my Ontario automobile insurance policy cover me while I am in Florida?"

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Did you know?

Do you know what factors affect your insurance premium? In this third installment in our series, we look at another key factor, your driving record and age.

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