The Insider - October 2010

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New System Confirms Insurance Prior To Plate Renewal

In the province of Ontario, automobile insurance is compulsory and required by law. This means that before you can obtain licence plates for your car or renew your vehicle registration, you need to purchase auto insurance.

Unfortunately, there have been some cases of drivers operating their vehicles without insurance which endangers everyone on the road. To protect all drivers and help to keep our roads safe, the Ontario government and the insurance industry have introduced the Uninsured Vehicles Project. ... read more

Motorcycle Insurance: Why Year-Round Coverage Makes Sense

The chilly air and falling leaves are signs that the motorcycle riding season is coming to an end. As you prepare to store your bike for the winter, you may also be thinking about your insurance coverage and how you can reduce costs. Will you save money if you cancel your insurance policy for the snowy months and renew it in the spring? ... read more

Purchasing A Car In The U.S. - What You Need To Know

When the Canadian dollar drives toward parity with the U.S. greenback, many Canadians in the market for a new car steer their sights south of the border to take advantage of the lower sticker prices in the United States. Before you shift your cross border car shopping into high gear, you may want to visit the Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) website to review their Importer Checklist. Here are just a few facts and costs to consider. ... read more


"If a child hurts themselves on my property while "trick or treating" am I liable?"

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Did you know some insurance companies may offer a discount if your car has winter tires?

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