Quote Unquote - July 22, 2009

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Q) My auto

insurance policy shows that I am a six-star driver. Is this the best rating

that I can get?

A) Star ratings

vary from company to company. The best star rating that onecompany

offers might be a six-star (at-fault and accident-free for six years, even

though you may have been accident-free for 20 years) while another company may

offer a 10-star (at-fault and accident-free for 10 years). You may think that

10-star drivers are paying less for their car insurance, but this isn't

necessarily true.

Each insurance company has its own "best star rating" that

it offers. Whether you have a six-, eight- or 10-star driving record according

to your insurance policy, check with your agent or broker to make sure that you

are obtaining the best rating the company offers for your driving profile.

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