Quote Unquote - September 2010

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My friend told me I should have "Accident Forgiveness" coverage on my policy. Is this true?

Most insurance companies offer this type of coverage which can be added to an existing car insurance policy. Accident Forgiveness protects you in the event that you are involved in an at-fault accident and guarantees that your premium will not increase as a result of the incident.

However, there are two important things you need to know about this coverage.  First, in most cases the "forgiveness" only applies to your first accident with the insurance company that you were with when you had the accident.   Additionally, if you are shopping around for a new rate, a new insurance company may not "forgive" this accident and you may see an increased premium as a result. Lastly, some insurance companies may not "forgive" the accident if you were charged with what is considered a major or serious offence.  For more specific information on how your insurance company handles Accident Forgiveness, consider contacting your local insurance professional.  They will be able to explain in more detail how this type of coverage impacts your current policy.

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