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"Does the car that I drive impact my car insurance rate?"

The age of your car has a lot to do with car insurance rates - The older you car gets, the more value it loses. The less valuable your car, the less expensive it may be to repair or replace, making it cheaper to insure because the risk to the insurance company of paying out a large claim is reduced. Of course, each car depreciates at a different rate, and each car starts with a different value, so the impact on rates varies across different vehicles. But in some cases, an older car may be cheaper to insure.

The make and model of your car have a big impact on rates as well. High-end luxury cars usually cost more to insure because they are more valuable to begin with. The cost of parts, repairs, or even replacement in the event of a total lost can be very expensive for the insurance company. Thus they will charge a higher premium.

It's important to shop around for car insurance quotes to make sure that you're paying the lowest rate available for your car and driving profile.