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"I did not receive any demerit points with my ticket, so it won't affect my insurance rate right?"

Tickets are generally grouped into three categories: minor, major and serious infractions. A minor infraction is considered speeding less than 49 km/hr, running a red light or stop sign and failure to obey a traffic sign. A major infraction is more serious and includes speeding tickets over 49 km/hr, speeding in a school zone and driving while uninsured. A serious infraction includes impaired and careless driving. Drivers who receive traffic tickets can generally expect to see insurance rate increases on their next renewal date. If the ticket is a major infraction, it will likely result in a much higher insurance rate increase than that of a minor infraction. With a serious infraction you will likely end up in the high risk market. You should note that traffic tickets stay on your record for three years.

If you have tickets on your record, it’s a good idea to shop your insurance rate to find a lower rate. After three years have passed (for minor and major convictions) and the ticket has come off your driving record, it’s a great time to get car insurance quotes, as your insurance rate will likely decrease.