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Compare Quotes from 30+ Car Insurance Providers and Save

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“Does my deductible amount affect my car insurance rate?” Although some people may think that deductibles do not affect insurance rates, in reality it can make a difference on car insurance premiums. Typically, carrying a higher deductible can save you… Read more »
“I have a few tickets and one accident on my record. Can I still get a decent rate?” The number one way for a high-risk driver to save money is to shop around. Get as many car insurance quotes as… Read more »
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“I got a speeding ticket in the US going 80 miles in a 65 zone on Route 87 going towards New York. How would this affect my record here?” Some Canadian provinces have reciprocal agreements with some States in the… Read more »
“I did not receive any demerit points with my ticket, so it won’t affect my insurance rate right?” Tickets are generally grouped into three categories: minor, major and serious infractions. A minor infraction is considered speeding less than 49 km/hr,… Read more »
“If a tree falls on my car or damages my house, will my insurance policies cover me?” If a tree falls on your car and you have Comprehensive or All Perils coverage on your car insurance policy, the insurance company… Read more »
“If I have no kids, do I still need to buy life insurance?” Even though many people consider having children the life change that requires them to purchase life insurance, having no kids does not mean you don’t need life… Read more »
“What does unbiased insurance rates mean?” Unlike most of our competitors, InsuranceHotline.com does not sell insurance, is not a licensed broker or agent, and is not owned in whole or in part by an insurance company, agent or brokerage. This… Read more »