Romanov Report 13 - Aug 11, 2005

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Do you own a stolen car?

If the police find a stolen car that you own and repossess it, the insurance company that represents the policy of the person the car was stolen from will pay the claim out and the insurance company will claim the car. In Quebec, however, if the consumer shows that the car was bought in good faith and paid fair market value for it, the court will probably rule that the consumer can keep it, not the insurance company.

If you unknowingly own a stolen car, and you are in an accident and bought the car in good faith, the insurance company will cover you. There is some gray area here, but it can be challenged.

3 ways cars are are stolen

1) What thieves tend to do when stealing cars is that they'll go to a junkyard or auction, buy a car with a legitimate VIN number, then they will steal a similar car and take its parts and rebuild the junked car.

2) Another way is that they will steal a car from the USA or another Canadian jurisdiction and bring it into a foreign jurisdiction where there is no verification of what the former status was. They do this from province to province or country to country. In doing this, thieves rely on red tape and trade barriers to not catch up with them, and the processes not talking to one another.

3) Thieves also capitalize on the foreign market that exists for high-end cars. They steal them, put them in a container and you'll never see them again

How to get a Vehicle History Report

Carproof vehicle history report connects all the motor vehicle branches across the country and the USA, and will tell you if the vehicle has a brand attached to it (ie. salvaged, stolen or non-repairable). It will tell you any odometer info, where it has been registered, and if there's any lien on the vehicle anywhere in Canada. The report is obtained using 32 different databases and typically takes only a couple of hours.

It is also the only Canadian company that connects to the Department of Transport in the USA. The report costs $24.95 and to get it simply click on the link below.

How to protect yourself from buying a stolen car

One way is to ask the person how long they have owned the car and where it has been serviced. Then go to that garage and ask them about the car. Stolen cars usually don't have a history with the person that is trying to sell it.

The most effective way is by getting a Vehicle History Report on it.

The report costs $24.95. To get the report, click on the link below:

Selling Your Car In Canada

Carpages is a website that allows you to list your vehicle for up to a year, for only $39.95. This is the best value that we have been able to find and pass on to you.

Below is a comparison chart for your review, and the link to get to Carpages. Auto Trader Cost of advertising $39.95 $71.00 and up Duration of ad Until car is sold 2 weeks Depth of information Fully detailed vehicle description and feature list. Basic vehicle description. Photos Up to 6 colour photos with zoom capability 1 photo Value added features Listed on Google -