Romanov Report 16 - Sept 1, 2005

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Ticket Talk

1) Pulled Over - Do you beg, cry or lie?

Don't do any of these things and "especially" don't conduct a curbside trial. The officer has already decided you did something wrong, or he wouldn't have pulled you over. And he's heard it all. Be polite, it's in your interest not to tip off the police officer that you're going to fight this in court, or else he'll be sure his notes are clear and in order. If you are offensive towards the officer, it triggers off that you may be hiding something, prolonging the encounter, and you may receive multiple tickets. Be brief and professional.

A common question for the officer to ask is, "Do you know why you were pulled over?" Many drivers give a reason saying; "I think it's because I was speeding," or something similar. But what if he pulled you over for not wearing a seatbelt? Suddenly, you may find yourself with multiple tickets. Say "No" if you're asked this question.

2) Getting a ticket through technology such as "red light cameras" or "photo radar" will not show up on your driver's abstract, therefore, will not affect your insurance rate. This is because they know the car that committed the offense but not who the driver was.

3) If you have been convicted of two minor tickets, in the last 3 years, and have either an "at-fault accident" or "cancellation for non-payment" of insurance premium, it can send you directly to the high risk, high-rated insurance companies.

4) When you get a ticket you can plead guilty, guilty with an explanation, or not guilty. Most people end up pleading guilty with an explanation.

If you are fighting a ticket, you must plead NOT GUILTY. Guilty with an explanation is still guilty, and you will be charged. Even if the fine is reduced, you're still guilty and the conviction will still appear on your driving record. Many people feel that if they were speeding and get caught, pleading NOT guilty is like calling the police officer a liar. You're not, get over it. You are innocent until proven guilty, so let the police prove it, if they can.

5) If you go to court to fight a ticket on the basis that your name has been misspelled or your licence plate number is incorrect plate, this is NOT a reason that the judge will dismiss the ticket.

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Home Business

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