Romanov Report 17 - Sept 8, 2005

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OPP Ticket to the limit campaign results

Tickets for the Province: 6,629

Seat Belts: 512

Speeding: 5,507

Failed to Yield: 63

Careless Driving: 42

Impaired Driving: 80

12 Hour Licence Suspensions: 125

Ticketing for Unsafe Vehicles: 300 (doubled over last year's campaign)

Ticket break down for ONLY the GTA and Central Region (including the 400): 2,683

Seat Belts: 337

Speeding: 2,236

Failed to Yield: 7

Careless Driving: 24

Impaired Driving: 32

12 Hour Licence Suspensions: 47

If the average ticket increases a driver's insurance rate by $500, this would have put an additional $3,314,500 in the pockets of the insurance companies, over the long weekend. That's a good enough reason for me to be extra careful the next time I'm driving.

Tickets and your driver abstract

Tickets affect your insurance rates differently, from company to company. 50% of insurance companies can increase your rates by $500 for having only one ticket. All insurance companies will increase your rates for two tickets, up to $1,500, while 3 tickets could cause a cancellation.

Tickets stay on your driver abstract 3 long years. Suspensions for 6 years. If you are fighting your ticket, it's good to know that the "date" insurance companies look at is the date you are convicted of the ticket "IN COURT" not the date the ticket was written.

If you get a few tickets back to back, fighting a ticket through the courts will allow you to postpone the date the ticket, or tickets, would show up on your driver abstract, if you lose. Hopefully, that will be enough time for you to work on improving your driving habits.

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