Romanov Report 2 - May 26, 2005

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Police Report For The May Long Weekend

Over the May long weekend the police ticketed 15,100 drivers for speeding and various other traffic violations.


Did you know that if any of your passengers, under the age of 16 years old, are caught without their seatbelt on, the ticket will show up on "your" driver's abstract? And a seatbelt ticket holds as much weight as a speeding ticket when it comes to your insurance rate.

Out Of Province Ticketing

Other provinces and the majority of states in the US have a reciprocity agreement when it comes to tickets. This means that if you get convicted, these tickets show up on your driver's abstract. However, the process is not perfect, and sometimes the tickets do not show up. That's why there is so much question around this.

Reporting An Accident

When reporting an accident, and you are NOT at-fault, pay special attention to how the adjuster is classifying your involvement of the accident. If they classify you as being "partially" at-fault, and you weren't, fight it. That classification holds as much weight as if you were "completely" at-fault when it comes to your insurance rate.