Romanov Report 23 - Oct 20, 2005

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Look at this chart: Here's an example of 30 insurance companies' rates for a driver with a clean record. It also shows what happens if they get ticketed, possibly after having an accident. This also shows why you should always check what you are paying through to make sure you are not paying a higher

rate than you have to.

Driving Record Lowest Highest Difference Clean $1,321 $2,852 $1,531 1 ticket $1,621 $4,784 $3,163 2 tickets $1,871 $5,424 $3,553 1 accident $2,805 $11,301 $8,496 1 ticket and 1 accident $3,115 $11,301 $8,186

As you can see a ticket has huge financial consequences.

When Ticketed: Many drivers feel that if they are ticketed, they are guilty and do not believe that they have any chance when fighting the ticket in court. This is wrong. The ticketing officer is not "your" judge and jury. Police officers are human and do make mistakes at work like everybody else.

Proper Representation: Now, more than ever, drivers are going to need professional representation. Did you know that when you have professional help fighting a ticket, between 80% and 90% of cases end up with the charge either being reduced or dropped?

POINTTS, the traffic ticket and accident specialists, provide a FREE consultation, and will tell you up-front if the ticket is worth fighting. Brian Lawrie, the president of POINTTS, is a good friend of mine and I strongly recommend you take advantage of this service. For example, they have succeeded in downgrading careless driving charges to regular tickets. They can be contacted by clicking on the link below.