Romanov Report 27 - Nov 24, 2005

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Car Carma - and the inner driver

The Book

I'm in the final stages of launching the "ONLY" car insurance book that answers the questions drivers won't ask their insurance rep for fear their rate will skyrocket.

The book also reveals which Zodiac signs belong to the worst drivers.

And a special thank you to everyone and their suggestions of what to include in the book.

Inside The Mind Of The Insurance Adjuster

If you ever have to report your car as being stolen, it would probably cross your mind, "Is the insurance adjuster thinking I did it?" Well the answer is usually in the question: Yes, he probably is considering it.

Part of the adjuster's job is to determine who did it: Kids, professional thieves, or you?

  • If kids did it, it was likely for joy riding, and the police will probably find the car in a couple of days, just as they found my car.
  • If it was stolen by professional thieves, it's unlikely to be found.
  • If it was stolen by the owner of the car, it could be for profit, or as the result of a series of events, and may be found later.


Here are the types of vehicle thefts that have been done by owners, in the past, and what goes on in the mind of an adjuster:

Owner Give Up

The theft is orchestrated by the owner to collect insurance. The vehicle is usually found in a secluded area, burned, submerged in water or buried in the ground.

Thirty Day Special

The owner has been in a single-vehicle accident and the vehicle needs major repairs. The owner reports the vehicle stolen, hides it until the insurance company pays up, then allows the vehicle to be "found", damaged and abandoned.

The reason behind this kind of "theft" is that the driver cannot afford the repairs, so cashes in on the value of the stolen vehicle.

Export Fraud

The owner leases or finances a vehicle, insures it, and sells it to an overseas conspirator who then sells it. The owner then reports the vehicle stolen and collects on the insurance, and pockets the money from the sale of the vehicle.

Phantom Vehicle

The owner produces a phony title or registration, usually for a luxury vehicle which is relatively new. He then reports the vehicle stolen to the insurance company, before the insurance company can ask for photos or a copy of the vehicle registration. Many of these get paid out by insurance companies, as the claim happens before paperwork is actually completed.

Scapegoat Theft

The owner hits a parked car or damages property, and then abandons the vehicle. He reports it stolen to avoid having the vehicle repossessed. This kind of theft is initiated to prevent the owner having a bad credit rating if he is unable to make lease or finance payments. However, insurance fraud is forever.


The adjuster needs to ask a series of questions to rule out owner theft. It's not personal, it's his job.

  • Are you sure you parked your vehicle here? Did anyone see you?
  • Does anyone else have keys to your car?
  • Do you have any enemies?
  • Do you know who might have stolen your vehicle?
  • When was the last time you had a vehicle, boat, snowmobile or motorcycle stolen?
  • Do you know why your vehicle was damaged or where it was abandoned?
  • Do you know of anyone who might have burned your car?
  • Where were you at the approximate time your vehicle was stolen?
  • How long have you been employed and are you currently employed?
  • Do you owe money for taxes, gambling, drugs?
  • Is there something you want to tell us?
  • Does any immediate family member have any serious money problems?
  • Do you have any idea who might have made an anonymous phone call to report fraud?
  • Have you loaned your vehicle to anyone in the past?
  • Who are the listed drivers on your insurance policy?
  • Have any accidents been reported where another driver was driving your car with or without permission?
  • Are there any traffic tickets which have been assigned to your car where another driver was the actual driver?
  • Has anyone been injured in your car?
  • Have you had your car in any body shops lately, for an estimate for bodywork or repairs?
  • Have you listed your car as being for sale?
  • Has your vehicle been involved in any "hit and run" accidents?
  • Have you been shopping for a new or different car lately? Have you test driven any new cars lately?
  • Did you take any measures to prevent theft?