Romanov Report 33 - Feb 15, 2006

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Lee Romanov: Your Insurance Advocate

I have hosted the Insurance Hotline Talk TV Show on Cable Pulse 24, for four years, along with David Onley and Mark Dailey.

The Insurance Hotline Talk TV show is ending. No reason was given. Our last show will be on Tuesday, February 21. I invite you to tune in, at 9 pm on CP 24, as we have something special planned.

I'd like to "show our appreciation" to City TV and CP 24 for having us on air. CP 24 was the ONLY station in Canada that provided you with the ability to call in and get answers to your insurance questions and concerns.

I invited presidents of insurance companies, government policy-makers, brokers, claims adjusters, and the police on the show to hear what you had to say. And what "YOU" said made things change. Below are a few examples of the impact you and the Insurance Hotline Talk TV show had on the industry.

Last Word Regardless of whether or not you ever saw the Insurance Hotline Talk Show, if you believe this program is a valuable outlet for people to be heard, please let me know.I will pass your comments on to City TV and CP 24, so your voice can be heard once more.

If you would have liked to see this show continue, here's your last chance to express that as well.

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Our Impact

This is what we have done, and we can do more.

- We exposed the vast rate differences between insurance companies. Drivers who used to pay 100's and 1,000's of dollars more than they should be, are now paying a fair rate for their car insurance policy.

- We stopped the Attorney General from allowing affidavit testimony in place of the police officer appearing in-person in traffic court, retaining your right to cross examine your accuser.

- We exposed the number of consumers being thrown into the high risk Facility markets, without notice, because they missed a monthly insurance payment. It's now law that the insurance company must send you a "reminder" letter and give you 30 days to pay, without penalty.

- We stopped the government from limiting "Towing & Storage Coverage" to only $300. This coverage remains unlimited on your car insurance policy.

Towing and storage can easily exceed $1,000 which is a problem for the insurance companies, but shouldn't be yours.