Romanov Report 47 - Sept 1, 2006

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Dare to Compare

Whatever you're driving, regardless of whether you own or lease, regardless of when your insurance renews, these 2 steps will drastically improve your drive along the highway of life.

So buckle up... here's how to drive the car you want, and pay next to nothing for your car insurance.

Pay Less, For More

Step 1: Determine what you want to drive:

It doesn't matter whether you want a new or used vehicle. Even if you're in a lease, you can still get exactly the kind of vehicle you want. Step 2 will show you how.

But first, do your research online to find out which make, model and features you really want!

Step 2: Appraise Your Trade-In:

Regardless of whether your car is leased or owned, you'll need to know what it's worth as a trade-in. You can check online to calculate the "low" and "high" values for your current vehicle. This is often the dollar range a dealer would look at for a trade in.

If You Lease Your Vehicle

You'll need to know how much you owe on your current lease. Call and ask your leasing company, "what is the payout of my current lease before taxes?"

You should also ask about the number of months left on your lease, and your interest rate.

If You Own Your Vehicle

If you own your car, you may be able to trade it in for an amount somewhere between the low and high value, and put it towards the purchase or lease of a new or used vehicle.

Insurance Rate Decreases

The insurance rate market is the most competitive it's been since 2002. is updating new, lower rates weekly from the 30 top Canadian insurance companies.

Here's why you may be overpaying:

In 2003 insurance rates took a 13.7% hike. In 2004 they took a 14.5% hike. A 30% rate hike overall.

In 2005, many companies would not offer their lower rates to certain driving profiles. The "take all comers" rule had vanished.

In 2006, rates have become very competitive because the insurance companies have been making huge profits. Now it's your turn to profit. has found drivers up to 54% off what they were presently paying for their car insurance because of these rate cuts.

See what it costs to insure the car that you might want to buy. Or compare the cost of insurance for the car you're presently driving. The rate may have dropped so much that you'll have money to play with: