Romanov Report 5 - June 16, 2005

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Insurance Companies In 2002 there were 65,000 drivers in Facility, which is an insurance company for the worst of the worst drivers and charging the highest rates.In 2003 there were 277,777 drivers put into Facility because the insurance market stopped writing business until the government gave them back better controls over issues such as fraud.THEN, in 2004, Facility increased their rates by 53%! This caused many drivers to drive without insurance, or they were simply bumped into other high risk, high rated companies.Throughout 2005, and now in 2006, thousands of drivers are still paying high risk rates and need someone to tell them to do an insurance rate comparison through and get back to paying reasonable rates.Has this happened to anyone you know? If so you can help them, read on.

High Risk Insurance Companies Many drivers who were bumped in to the other high risk, high rated insurance companies, can get back in to the standard markets and pay a lot less for their car insurance.Some of the high risk insurance companies are; Facility, Kingsway, Coachman, Pembridge, Pafco and Perth and Echelon.If you, or someone you know, are in any of these insurance companies and only have an accident or 3 tickets, or less, you can get back into the standard insurance companies. Other rating variables also apply.NOTE: Some standard insurance companies like State Farm, Co-operators, Allstate, ING and others have a Facility component within their company. You may be placed in their Facility Division and NOT even be aware of it, unless you asked. SO ASK.

Uninsured Motorist If you get hit by an uninsured motorist, don't worry, "your" insurance company pays your damages, and the claim would NOT count against you. But if your car is a write off, BE CAREFUL about canceling your insurance policy. Many people have reported that they were put into a high risk, high rated insurance company because of this gap. But, that can be fought.Drivers caught driving without insurance are subject to a $5,000 fine and may have their vehicle confiscated.