Romanov Report 54 - Dec 20, 2006

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Get A Life

The driver should have car insurance,

hopefully he has

life insurance too.

Even if you're single Life Insurance may "SAVE" your life.

To see how and what's offered, click on the links below:

And yes"¦life insurance pays money upon death.

For the life of you don't OVERPAY

A couple of questions, and instantly you can get an online quote.

Try it: You'll be shocked to see how little life insurance actually costs. It will also tell you if you're overpaying:

The longer you wait, the higher the cost and the more likely it is that your rate will be influenced by added health risks.

LOOK at this rate example showing hundreds of $$$ difference between the lowest to highest quotes from up to 60 company rates.


Monthly Rate

Annual Rate






Age -  25





Age - 45






Age - 25





Age - 45





Most plans offer better rates to non-smokers, but if a smoker should quit smoking in the future, he may qualify for non-smoker rates, after a simple saliva test.

Our Christmas Wish

I have an idea, I hope you'll like, about how we can generate some money for the Chum's Christmas Wish Foundation.

I wrote a book, Car Carma, in which I compared 100,000 drivers, and their tickets and accidents, to their Astrological Signs.

The results were overwhelming, showing drivers of certain astrological signs are prone to getting more tickets, while others seemed destined to have accidents.

It was featured in Readers Digest in New York

The book also includes "insider information" on what you need to know about

tickets, accidents, insurance and the law before it's too late. Take a look at the really

great content: /romanov/romanov54a.pdf

It's an excellent gift to give to anyone who drives.

Here's The Idea

If you purchase the E-Book version of Car Carma, I will email it to you, then you can forward it to your friends wishing them a happy and safe holiday season, while spreading a little good karma around too. will donate half of all proceeds to the Christmas Wish Foundation:

Cost : The cost of the e-book is only $11.95. If you send it to 120 of your best friends, your gift would cost you less than 10 cents!!!! Best value ever!!!

Seriously though: Your participation through the Romanov Report has made good things happen. For instance, your emails got the meeting at the Finance Minister's office to address the unfairness of the Partially-At-Fault rulings (see below). Let's do some good for these little kids"¦our future drivers.

Partially At-Fault Rulings

As you may know, we had requested an interview with Greg Sorbara, the Ontario Finance Minister, to discuss the "Partially At-Fault" rulings which causes sky rocketing insurance rates and cancellations.

Currently if you are found to be "partially at-fault" in an auto accident, your rate increases as though you were completely at fault. For more on this topic, click below:

REPORT 52 - Nov 8, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty Responds To Drivers

We Got Our Meeting

Your emails worked: /romanov/r36speakout.html

Arthur Lofsky, Director of Policy for the Honourable Greg Sorbara, called and has scheduled a meeting for Monday, January 8, 2007 at 10:00am to discuss the "partially at-fault" rulings.

While talking to Arthur, I was very impressed to hear that the Minister's office has fought and won to have the following issues blocked as rating factors for car insurance in Ontario:

1. Amount of money a person makes. 2. Employment history or lack of history. 3. Occupation of driver where the vehicle has no commercial use. 4. If you own a credit card or not. 5. Credit history or lack of history. 6. Credit rating, low or high score. 7. Past or current bankruptcy status. 8. Residence history, meaning length of time at one address. 9. Home owner or tenant status. 10. Gross or net worth of a person. 11. Amount of money a person owes. 12. Late or NSF insurance premium payments, unless the policy was


by the insurance company for non-payment.