Romanov Report 58 - Feb 8, 2008

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Top 3 Life Lessons

  1. Buy life insurance when you're healthy: Older people and those not in good health pay significantly higher rates for life insurance - so buy as early as you can.

If you already have life insurance, remember that you can always switch for better coverage at a lower rate.

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Rates have decreased over the last five years and you should update your coverage as your lifestyle changes. And current insurance packages boast more choices and options than ever before.

  1. Use the Web to shop: Thanks to the internet, buying life insurance has never been easier. You can get tons of quotes all from the comfort of your own home.Getting a life insurance quote on the Web is fascinating and efficient. A few clicks and over 30 quotes, instantly! If you've never seen how little life insurance costs, check it out.
  2. Tell the truth: There's no sense in hiding the facts on your application to get a lower rate. Be assured that if a large claim is made, the insurance company will investigate before paying.

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What's Your Reaction?

A car driver needs at least five hundred milliseconds before they can react to an unexpected event.

The reaction time is the interval between the perception of a signal to stop and the application of the brakes. Reaction time data also showed that faster drivers had slower reaction times.

Source: Monash University, Accident Research Centre

This comparison shows the lowest to highest rates quoted from 30 insurance companies. Most drivers can expect to pay a rate somewhere in the middle. directs you to the lowest rate, saving you money.

Vehicle Type Lowest Rate Highest Rate Honda Accord 4 door $1,352 $2,255 Mercedes C Series 4 door $1,381 $2,293

With newer and better lease rates, combined with the right insurance company, you might end up paying less per month for the car of your dreams!

Lamborghini Theatre: The world's first and most complete line of classic Lamborghinis ever displayed in one place.

  • The Urraco Silhouette - a very rare, special version, one of only 53 ever made
  • The Muira S - 1 of only 140 produced
  • The LM 002 (4x4) - 1 of only 311 produced and 1 of only 4 Canadian editions
  • The Countach 25th Anniversary Special Edition
  • The Diablo 30th Anniversary Special Edition - 1 of only 150 produced and 1 of only 4 in Canada

Save up to $14 for a family of four with VW's Family Admission Ticket and you can also visit the Rabbit Petting Zoo (Children's Playcare Centre)

Online Tickets: General admission only $18 each.

No line-ups, no waiting.

Enter through the Auto Trader E-ticket fast lane available at all entrance locations.

Free Parking: Park your car free of charge on evenings and weekends at designated Harbourfront Centre parking lots, compliments of the Nissan Dealers.

Hot Deals on Home Insurance

Many home, condo or tenant insurance policies, combined with your auto insurance, can result in a 10% discount off your insurance costs - and that alone may be enough to pay for the full cost of your home insurance.

In other words, you may be able to get your home, condo or tenants insurance for 'free'!

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  • What exactly am I covered for?
  • What situations am I protected against?
  • What insurance options do I have?

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